SRS system should be more flexible

Yes, I have got the point of the SRS system, and I think it makes sense in general. However, I think the system as it is presenting itself to me (at level 1) is not working out too well. I reviewed 26 radicals in like 1 minute or less, because I’ve seen them several times, and after that one minute I have to wait again 7 hours, even though NOW is the time I have time and motivation to learn something. So the current algorithm feels very rigid and stops me right after I just started. Shouldn’t the system be able to stretch to some extent, so that you can do a little more at a time? I think the foundations of the learning systems are sound, but a system too strict makes me feel patronized instead of feeling encouraged and rewarded for doing more.


The point is to review it as few times as possible in order to store it in your long term memory. When you don’t need to review it as often, you have more time to learn other things, like grammar.


Yes, you’ll have long breaks in the free levels, especially level 1. However, once you have hundreds or thousands of items becoming reviewable throughout the day/week, that’s no longer a problem.

Here’s the classic graphic:


You can finish the first two levels in a week. It will speed up quickly.

Well, doesn’t the fact that I rushed through the reviews show that I have memorized the radicals very well already? (even if not as in “finally, irrevocably”). I already had almost 100% two, three iterations ago. The SRS system can be correct and still be poorly tuned. Who is going to say with confidence what is the exactly right amount of lessions and space between them? It can vary between people and the algorithm should take that into account.

There’s really no way to say it without sounding harsh, but “WK is slow” is one of the things the forum description says to not bother leaving feedback for.


No, as short term memory is not long term memory, which is our goal.


WK is a “one fits most” solution. If you want customisation then use Anki

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Well, I still do, because this is in no way optimally tuned. It almost sounds like some religious adherence to the holy SRS as it is right now as opposed to constantly adjusting the system according to the feedback.

If one time memorization is all you want, then a cheaper/free route would be a set of flash cards.

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The system would stop you soon enough once you showed weakness in remembering the items, right? Doesn’t contradict the “long-term memory over short-term memory” point.

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The problem is people very rarely have a good grasp of what their future workload will be when they’re at the earlier levels, so this prevents them from screwing themselves over. I can guarantee if the interval was set shorter we’d have even more “I can’t handle the workload anymore at level 10” type posts than we have “Wanikani is so slow at level 1” topics right now.


We already get tons of “I can’t handle the workload at level 5” threads.


That’s understandable, but it takes at least a year to finish WK. 2000 kanji and 6000 vocab don’t get into long term memory without good pacing.


By the way, you can use your spare time between reviews to learn other things, like grammar. :slight_smile:


Sadly first levels are just that slow

But you simply don’t know how much harder it gets… you simply don’t

If you want to put it like that, go ahead. Have a little “faith” then and a bit of patience, for example, try out the first three levels which are free, how about that? you lose nothing. If after that this is just not the thing for you, you’re free to choose other resource to learn kanji.

I bet you can’t get to level 10 at a decent speed without feeling that there are just too many reviews to be done


I’d say that’s probably the case for most people. I sped through the first 20-25 levels, but I felt the pain of too many reviews long before that. By level 25 it basically crushed me and I had to slow down a lot.


That was me when I abused the Re-Order script and didn’t pace studies very well. I want to finish as soon as possible but I don’t wanna over-crabigate myself.

You know, as I said, I’m not putting the SRS system per se into question, but I’d expect Wanikani to give me some leeway in deciding how I want to do my assignments as not to antagonize people needlessly, but instead put their motivation to good use. If these threads keep reappearing, the system can hardly be called perfect. And yes, I read the FAQ and the intro windows before starting, and I accepted waiting times, but got nevertheless irritated.


A large reason to force people to wait is so they don’t burn themselves out before subscribing.