SRS my way to fluency?


Ok Hivemind/Genius Bar/League of Doom… I come to your for counsel. Here is the background: I have been of course using wanikani and I am also using Torii. I have it set to review N3-N1 right now with kana and without wanikani vocab.

I’m at the point of my studies that it’s not a big deal to watch most Japanese dramas and anime (mostly depending on how brainy and showoff the writers want to be) and I encounter new words fairly frequently and either ignore it/figure it out through context/or pause and look up.

Now I don’t want to wallow in hours and hours of review, but I do know that notecards are the fastest and best way to learn and retain new info. So should I start making a deck (somewhere) with the new words I’m seeing in these dramas? Or should I just enjoy watching them and not worry too much about the vocab? If I start making notes for dramas I’ll have to quit Torii (after just buying a lifetime account none the less!)

I don’t want to make watching dramas a chore, but it would be nice to have fresh context to study (since we all know that random vocab words without context can make actual adoption kinda difficult).

What would you guys do? What did you guys do?


I would just quickly jot down a word heard and make the flashcard later to avoid making it watching a chore. Just write down the sound and note the context and figure out what it is later.

Well yeah that would be the idea. But the fact of having to do another SRS also makes me want to lick door knobs in a covid ward. I already spend about 2 hrs a day in SRS. Plus with kids and fingers crossed a job it’s just bleh. Plus I managed to watch about 4 hours of Ossan’s love

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Then I would just say to stick with what you are doing now. I’m not going to be SRSing words I find when reading until I finish WK and Torii

I think you are right. Just stick with WK and Torii for now. At the rate I’m completing it both should be finished within 9 months of so. If I’m continuing to see a few keywords pop up or struggle explaining myself in certain situations then I can start gently doing a bit of srs. But I fully intend to graduate from SRS hell within the next year or so. No thank you sir! (or Madam, or Xr or Mxs or Commander… whatever title you like!

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Sounds like you are quite a bit ahead of me in comprehension, so feel free to disregard my opinion heheh.
Anyways, it sounds like you’re butting up against efficiency of SRS / lack of time.
I pour the majority of my SRS time into WaniKani, but I do have a pretty efficient setup that I use when I’m immersing with Mangas or Anime.
I use Akebi (an android app dictionary) to look up new words when I run across them. Akebi has a button at the bottom of the dictionary entry to automatically add words to an anki deck (with multiple example sentences too!). When I’m immersing I add no more than 10 words a day, and usually much closer to 3-5.

Anki uses SRS and with this immersion deck I’m building the time investment is quite small. It takes maybe 30 seconds to lookup and add each word, and then the daily reviews only amount to a few minutes.

So you could try something lightweight like that.


Honestly, the best way to get more context would be to watch more dramas :wink:

If there’s at least some context in the dialogue to give you a rough idea of what it is, then move on.

Think of it like watching a medical drama and coming across the word “脾臓”. The Doc is saying something about it when talking to a patient so maybe it’s a part of the body. And they’re talking about it so having something happen to it is a bad thing.

Oh he said 内蔵, ok, I know that from WK, so it’s an organ. Great.

At some point, you may want to look up what exactly 脾臓 means, but in the moment you can just enjoy the show.

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That’s valid. I don’t think a few words a day would kill me. Then again I’d have to agonize over which ones to add. I’d say it’s about 20 new words an episode (ish) so if I binge watch that gives me 100 candidates. How do I pick the important ones!? lol


Maybe I could just write down a few words I think are interesting (I totally cheat and put on Japanese subtitles… but as I said, I have two crotch goblins and I was in the Air Force so my hearing ain’t great) so I usually get a clue from the kanji. So this week I’ll try writing a few words down that for whatever reason tickle my fancy. And I can decide whether or not I want to look them up/srs them when I have the time.


Pick the 20 you think would come up more often. Like my example above, if you like medical dramas, then learning the names of the 五臓 would probably be useful.

I have rikaichamp so I totally scrolled over it. Spleen! It’s one of the organs I don’t know! I’m pretty good with anatomy (my kid has a bum ticker so lots of fun visits to the hospital). Jeez I don’t know what the spleen does… filter blood right? It’s funny because I don’t hear about many illnesses associated with the spleen. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac so I don’t want to look up any though lol.

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Neither do I without looking it up. But I’m not gonna pause House MD to go do that. :wink:

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Well clearly it’s important if Dr House has anything to do with it! My MIL LOVES medical dramas. But as I said I’m a little hypochondriac so ugh. I was a teen and watched House once and thought I had ALS (the disease Stephen Hawking had). Mostly I watch silly work place comedies and romances. I’m obsessed with おっさんずラブ right now and 今日(きょう)()()べた which are both LGBT romantic comedies. I tried to get into (こい)がへた but couldn’t focus. The main character talks to fast and is pretty smart so lots of difficult words.


Had to look it up! Spleen filters the blood and acts as part of the immune system. You can live without a spleen but it’s not super great.


To be fair life with a spleen is not super great either


Well according to my shoddy 5 second google search it can help protect against infections like pneumonia. Not sure of the mechanism. So you’d rather have it, but it’s nbd if it needs to come out.


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