SRS levels within Apprentice / Guru

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I love Wanikani! Thanks for making it. :slight_smile:

Is there a way that I can get a breakdown of the SRS levels on the dashboard? I haven’t found anything like that on /t/The-New-And-Improved-List-Of-API-and-Third-Party-Apps/7694.

E.g. I see:

And it would be nice to see the breakdown across SRS levels (perhaps when I hover):


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Yes you can!

The Dashboard progress Plus Userscript shows SRS levels for your current level:
Ultimate Timeline userscript can show you for upcoming reviews:

Keep in mind that only Apprentice and Guru have multiple levels (4 and 2 respectively).

As I understand it you would like a breakdown which shows you the srs level of items within Apprentice and Guru, so you can see how far within each of those your items have graduated. While I have not seen a userscript that does this (the one suggested above shows a breakdown by item type classed by apprentice, guru… and not what you seem to be asking for), I have however written an android app which does this. Android app WaniKanji
Feel free to try it and leave feedback on the thread linked above.


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Thanks, folks.

VegasVed - I would gladly use your app if I had an Android phone. :+1:

Hmm. Looking at the API I think I should be able to make a greasemonkey script to do the job: (e.g. Kanji List etc for all levels). Not sure if I’ll put the work in to do it, though. Although the rate limit would make it tricky:

Requests are arbitrary throttled to 40 per minute.

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Hmm. Then again, I think all the information is likely in the Ultimate Timeline already…

Yep. Ultimate Timeline puts user_data in local storage. E.g.: JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('timeln_cache')) then contains information like:


The important part being: "srs_numeric":3.

Ok!! I have a script up and running. It looks like this:

I’ll use it for myself for a while to see if there are any bugs before I publish it.


I like people who have a problem and figure it out. Well done.

Please ping me when you do publish the script! :smile:

I’ve had the userscript running for a while and it’s stable. Here’s the thread: Dashboard Userscript: Leech, Apprentice, and Guru detail (aka SRS level progress).

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