SOS, too many SRS!

Hey all…

So I’m wondering if you guys can help me with something. As I’m going through the forums, there’re all these SRS programs and sites being thrown around, and I’m just confused as to what’s the difference between them, which is the best, what I should pick… h elp…

Some that come to mind are, torii, anki, and… I’m sure there are others, but yeah. I’m even a bit confused as to why people keep making new versions of the same thing since they all seem to be… well, the same thing. Not sure if there are differences and I should use a certain one or what. Life was a lot easier when I just used quizlet l ol; now I have anki downloaded and an account on kitsun, yet I don’t use either because I’m just d rown ing in S RS he lp…

Thanks h ng.


My personal impressions of each srs app, given very briefly(since how much I’ve used each app varies, people can feel free to tell me if I’m wrong about one of them): Free at the moment(I think),paid soon Paid, but has free trial, easier user experience than anki, mostly focused on user-made decks
torii: free app for learning the core 10k(I think, haven’t used it, someone else can probably expand), can exclude wanikani vocab so you don’t have to learn it twice
anki: free for most(I think one version is paid only), very customizable but harder to setup if you don’t just want to use mostly default settings, no typing by default.
floflo: free, for learning vocab from specific books or anime(out of the ones availabile on the site). Can buy custom vocab lists for other books, anime, vns.


One thing, it’s launched now, but you can use a trial account:3

There’s a thread for it here too /o/


I tried to use anki a couple of times. Every time, the reviews kept getting more and more numerous much too quickly. I have no idea what settings to use and I’m a software developer.


Desktop = free
Android = free (third party)
iOS = $25 :scream:


@Ditto20 Thank you for the summarization !!
@FlamySerpent Thanks !
@TheCodingFox Yeah, I opened it up and was like “this looks like something old that requires coding… p robabl y not for me” l ol. I’m sure it’s useful but I’m feelin unsure about it.
@DaisukeJigen Oh wow, wonder why they price it there.


The iOS price makes up for it being free everywhere else, I recall reading. I think it’s to do with the potential for piracy on all the other platforms.

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I’m using Torii (it’s free) and I like it a lot. There’s an application to it as well. It’s very user-friendly and easy to understand. I also like the vocab I’m getting everyday and you can automatically remove every vocab word you’ll already learn through WK. I love it ^^


I believe it’s more the fact that Apple charges a lot up front just to put something on the store and take quite a large cut from the sales of the app.


You have to pay for a developer account ($99/year, Google charges $25), but there’s no fee to put out something on the App Store. They take a 30% cut of sales for paid apps (same as Google), but of course they don’t take anything if your app is free.

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doing more than one srs only works if you limit the use to a degree you can handle. with wk taking up a lot of time already, you have to have sufficient time and energy to juggle more than one system, and even then, i’d value reading text and learning relevant vocab for your individual needs higher than doing generic decks.

i did core10k twice, and all the things i never encounter just won’t stick around - even if they did tho, without them having any use for me, they’d just be baggage. the core2k though is useful, but i’d guess much of it is on wk already.

analyze your needs and pick your tools accordingly. chances are you don’t need even more flashcards in your life.


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