(SPOILER EDITION) Descent of the Durtle into Madness


Looks like the only books on that list reviewed on Tofugu are Genki, DBJG, Japanese the Manga Way and Japanese From Zero!. The first two reviews linked also gained invisible comments.


I’m a HUGE collector of books, including so many of these ^^;

Which ones do we still need?
I think I have about half of them =P


Japanese for Busy People (Nov 2011) - I have the 2006 edition. Want pictures anyway?

Japanese the Manga Way (Nov 2004) - Have the correct edition, but seem to have been covered already?

I also have:
Japanese from Zero (wrong edition…)
Genki 1(correct edition)
Genki 1 workbook (correct edition)
But they are covered already?

Counts. Jupp, had half, 5 out of 10 :rofl:
Not all of them correct edition though =P


ohhh so much progress!! I can help with the books, which ones do we need now?


Just quoting rfindley, apparently we still have to see if there are clues in the above I think, although Japanese the Manga Way may have already been explored.


I found a sample for this book, isbn is the same and it has 33rd page https://www.cheng-tsui.com/sites/default/files/previews/AIJ1TXBKsample_4.pdf

Edit: oops, nevermind, was found already


Also, @seanblue posted Japanese From Zero in this post, which is why it’s not on this list, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what to make of it, and it kinda seems like noone else has made anything of it either.

Best I got is KRN?OI if I inlcude the title (lost count before the 134 and couldn’t be bothered starting over), or UONNBU if I omit the title.


Ok, I made the second post in the thread into a wiki so we can start consolidating information. Possibly it could be arranged better, but that’s why it’s a wiki. :slightly_smiling_face:

For Adventures in Japanese, I’m getting TAMSCL if I include the “Japanese Classroom” at the top (though I’m not completely confident I didn’t miscount on that first character), and EYMTOF if I don’t…


It said to sign in to view additional pages, so I did. Then I typed the page number into the search box on the left side of the Look Inside window.


I have the correct edition of Japanese for Everyone, can confirm that pg 50 looks the same as the pg 50 already posted.

Sorry for the slight warpy-ness (this is what happens when your only scanner is your phone)


Those all have the pages required on the Amazon site as a sample except Japanese the Manga Way (it skips page 43). You might not see if if you scroll through. But if you type in the page number in the box on the left that says Search Inside This Book, it will come up in one of the results.

I linked to the pages in the quoted text.

Not sure how you would count that though.


The preview of Japanese for Busy People is the 2006 edition, same one I have a physical copy of. ISBN refers to the 2011 edition.

Your links don’t seem to work - can you post screenshots instead?



Which words do we have right now, and from which books??

The article says that 4 books are the Justice league:

Minna, Busy People, Genki and For Zero


Ahh, so it is. Same edition I have.

The links won’t take you to the page of the book. Just the book preview. I’d prefer not to post the page itself as on the top of everyone it has an ominous “copyrighted contents” warning.

Try these links instead.

Japanese For Everyone

Japanese The Spoken Language

Adventures in Japanese


Also, taking into account the Brute Force attack, it looks like we had to look Genki and DBJG… meaning that the other two books don’t have articles in Tofugu…


Fair use works here - so long as it’s less than 10% of the work. The links just take me to the book’s Amazon page, no preview.

Come again? Which two?


The Bruto force attack revealed comments on other articles.

Probably the solution of the “How to install a Japanese Keyboard “ point to 4 books.

And that’s why there is a comment in the Genki article and in the DBJG.

Meaning that the other two books don’t have articles


I’m betting “spaces are required” refers to spaces being required between key words.
I’m thinking it might end up [last key word] eating turtles bones, based on what we’ve got in the wiki so far. Or turtle eating [last keyword]s bones, but for some reason, the first feels more likely xD


What word come from what book?


Check out the wiki in the second post ^^