(SPOILER EDITION) Descent of the Durtle into Madness


Clicking on the cover image should take you inside the book.


We also have anko as a word. Fun fact: Anko isn’t just red bean paste. It’s also a fish that’s fried up like karaage in the izakayas of Hokkaido.


Yes, I know. But then it doesn’t seem to show me the page in question.


Did you try this?


Yep. I’m logged in, too.


That’s odd.


Could be, but I’m not sure how that would fit with the other three. It could be that sbones isn’t actually a keyword, but bones seems to fit the tone of this game more than anko xD That’s totally just intuition talking though.

Either way, I think (hope) it will become more clear when we have results from all the books…because I think if anko is a keyword, we’re still missing one.

For funsies, I tried “anko eating turtles bones” and “anko eating turtle’s bones” - not it.


I kinda feel like the fourth keyword is going to be more WaniKani/durtle themed than “anko”…

Edit: Though I do find it curious that every book has six characters, except the Genki Workbook with four, and Japanese: The Spoken Language with eight…


Unfortunately I do not have any of the remaining books… Good luck guys!


It’s “Turtle”, by the way, not “turtles”. Capital T, no s.


I don’t mind “anko” being one of the words…
It sounds quite a lot like うんこ, and with the butt-themed humor we’ve seen so far, I don’t think a pun like that would be surprising…


It wasn’t me who originally found that, I only highlighted the common theme of repetition.


I’m going to try to go the other way, and see if I can get 4 textbooks from this: (If somebody wants to help, I’d be really glad)


I’ll asume 00LB269G is “Genki 1”
And AABQD010L76223CEGD72FI5DPBOJJMO+ “A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar”

What can B51BIQPGS206HD and D02315CPQAWDF0B~IL7KB1FG+A be?


The only other books that gave us anything close to words were Japanese for Everyone and Genki I workbook, so maybe try those first?


Also can I ask why you are assuming those books match to those codes? (Not that I think you are wrong, just so that I can understand your thought process)


Genki 1 workbook is what gave us ‘anko’.
It was pretty straight forward, and followed the same decoding pattern as Genki itself.


Right, so if they trying to reverse match the codes to books, I was suggesting they should try to see if they can match one of the other codes to the genki workbook and see if it works, if they find a process that does make that work, they might be onto something


Just looking at patterns here but none of the ISBNs start with double numbers, and none of the book names start with double characters.
So even if we assume these ciphers lead to the book cipher, we can’t assume a direct correlation to the titles or ISBNs of the books, because two of the cipher lines start with double characters.

Unless it’s one of those ciphers where every encoded character maps to a pair of characters?


So Japanese for Everyone could be

That 23 in both lines might be related to “Japanese”?


Or maybe they are backwars:

Does D02315CPQAWDF0B~IL7KB1FG+A look like “A Guide to Japanese Grammar” Backwards?

A Guide to Japanese Grammar