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But due to his semantic ambiguity, I had to point that out.


Semantic ambiguity, FTW!

Also, FAQ. You read it, right?

thanks much guys, especially to AnimeCanuck and Leebo. I wish to clarify on the semantic ambiguity- I went through some kanji and I realised they mean the exact same things as what I know from Chinese. Plus, the pronunciations sound quite close to Cantonese, of which I can speak as well. The reason why I wish to speed up the learning process is because I will be starting my tertiary education in September. So I had a rather crazy idea to see if I could listen to and understand Japanese language at a basic level.

This brings me to my next question: should I start grammar right away? If yes, any good websites or sources recommended?

Go to ‘Using My WaniKani Knowledge’ in the guide for when you should learn grammar in accordance to wanikani, also just because the readings are similar and the kanji is similar, doesn’t mean you know it all. Go through all the levels through the top menu, see the kanji and vocab, judge for yourself if you really need wanikani. However, of course you know, but this isn’t Chinese. There are differences, and there’s a reason why you came here, right?

The best time to start learning grammar is yesterday. The second best time is today. The third best time is probably around level 10.

Resources, you say?

I would recommend trying/checking out some of the free resources first, and see if any of those are a good fit (do you enjoy using them? Are you actually learning something from them and are able to retain that learning?). From there, you can either try new resources if they aren’t working, or supplement. I use Genki and swear by it as my primary grammar text. Others love Tae Kim, which I just use as a supplement. Anki (and KaniWani, the reverse of WaniKani) is great for the flashcard/SRS-minded, and for drilling new vocab. Because more words = more things you can use to build sentences. Consider choosing a mix of resources that hits all major groups of the language - speaking, reading, listening, writing/typing. WaniKani is great for reading, and to a limited extent, listening.

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Grammar and usage is more important than Kanji, actually. You don’t really need 2000 Kanji to read, but you must be able to read the Kana in-between.

Furthermore, 100% of kanji in N4 is around Level 27… not everyone have to go to Level 60. (And Level 60 doesn’t even cover all Joyo Kanji. Joyo = general use, but in reality, there are more general use Kanji than Joyo.)

For the test drive of reading, I recommend either Satori Reader or Japanese Graded Readers.

For Max Speed, to supplement AnimeCanuck’s said interval, I recommend one User Script: [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline, if you aren’t constrained by your mental capabilities, of course.

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Since you already have some kanji knowledge (meanings, for at least common things), I would recommend starting in on Grammar right away, especially if you find the wait for the reviews to be annoying and like you’ve got too much time on your hands.

I suggest you check out the following links:
The Ultimate Resource List (It’s newer, and organized differently.)
What do I do now? Free Resource List (Everything is free, some might have free trials, but those are noted!)

Most commonly suggested textbooks for beginner grammar here are (in no particular order):
Minna no Nihongo
Japanese the Manga Way
Tae Kim
Nihongonomori (a YouTube channel, and not a textbook, but it gets recommended a lot too.)

Hope that helps! Feel free to search any of those names themselves to see discussion about said grammar resources.

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What about using another resource? Cause WaniKani doesn’t seem like something that’ll help you as much as other resources if you have a good understanding already.

The best thing to do is write the answers down. Then you can progress through each level as quickly as possible. If you are really that good you wont have to do this though.

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I do really love that you can’t help but follow other people who reply to old threads around and make pointless replies. But please don’t Selena me.

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