Most effective way to learn



I have a lot of lessons available. I currently only take new lessons when I have a very low number in the, ‘apprentice’ section. Is it better to just do all the lessons, or continue how I’m doing? Thanks


Go at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

I personally knock out lessons and reviews as soon as they appear (reviews have a higher priority if lessons are also there).


I completely agree with this. Just go with your flow. Don’t get yourself overwhelmed.


I’m just worried I’m making too slow progress :confused:


Then the real question is, what is your definition of slow progress? Wanikani is all about go at your own pace. Some people like to speed run. They do 7 day level ups. I was doing 20 day level ups at one point. There’s some people that have been doing this for 5 years and are level 20. We all have life that gets in the way sometimes​. The main thing is to not quit. How fast do you want to go?


Sure go at your own pace and learn however you please, but I don’t think that’s among the best ways to go about learning. The way you’re doing it now you’re only going to learn new stuff every three days or so, depending on how long it takes you to guru your items; wouldn’t it be better to do a few lessons every day?


Well, if I continue at this pace now, I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life. Just thought I could get a couple of tips from more experienced people ^^ I was hoping for a kind of, ‘set route to success’, but I guess that’s not the case this time.


Exactly! I guess that’s a start then at least; doing at least 2 lessons a day should speed it up considerably compared to the current pathetic situation. Thanks!


If you want to improve your speed you could also get the reorder script and do all the radicals first, the kanji second, and the vocab last. That might lead to a buildup of vocab lessons though.

By the way, just for reference; I think most of us either do all the lessons at once, or spread them out over a few days.


I didn’t even know such a thing existed ;D If I do 2 lessons a day, they should all be done in (about) a week anyway.


I’d like to point out that vocab is as important if not more important than kanji. Learning the kanji won’t always mean learning how to use it in japanese text and WK covers things like exceptional readings as part of the vocab. Vocabulary also focuses on combining recently learned kanji with older characters, so it forms a kind of reinforcement for your understanding of the various readings and meanings. If learning to read japanese is your end goal skipping vocab will probably make it harder.

One of the popular paradigms is to keep your apprentice stack at/under 100 items total (this won’t really happen until level 4 or 5). Later on you’ll hit a point where the rate of items coming in will balance out those hitting longer intervals, but for a while your reviews per day will keep raising. Because of SRS reviews should be given more priority than lessons, so judge your time/strain from reviews and adjust accordingly.

I would like to point out that if you do use a reorder script with 25 lessons/day and all reviews ASAP you’ll level up close to the speedrun time on average and won’t fall behind on vocabulary.

Finally, there’s a ton of great tracker tools. This one is pretty popular on here


That might be true for your current situation, but upon level up you generally get 70-120 new lessons


Does WaniKani give lessons randomly?


You get lessons upon level up and upon guruing of radicals and kanji.


I mean like, what they’re composed off


When you level up you get new radicals, a few kanji, and vocab from the kanji you guru’d to level up. When guruing radicals you get new kanji, when guruing kanji you get new vocabulary.


Ahh, I see! How do you reorder the lessons to give all the radicals first and so on? I want to try it


Check out this list for reorder scripts. There’s a lot of other helpful goodies in there too as well as some things just for fun. The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps


Here is one of the reorder scripts. You need an extension to run it though, either Greasemonkey for Firefox, Tampermonkey for Chrome, or something similar, should work fine.


Agree with this. Vocab is important for remembering readings also. The more you see the kanji the better. Also, vocab is the real world usage if you want to learn to speak Japanese.