Spaced repitition review time could be adjusted (not turned off) - title correction for topic clarity

you’re level one, give it a chance. if you know things from learning via a textbook already-- great! that means you’ll burn those items in no time! i think if you stick with it, in time you’ll find you’re able to recall kanji much more easily than if you use any other method outside SRS. :relaxed:




ditto what you said! I learned Japanese in college so the first few levels were a bit of a drag to get through, but once I got to level 5 everything changed! I was learning new things and I found that I was able to guess the meaning and reading of unfamiliar kanji combinations ! this site is a great tool you just have to stick with it and be patient :smiley:


It would be good in my opinion to be able to mark words/kanji that you already know. This might cause difficulties with the radicals though.

I would try doing the first 3 free levels and then see how you like it. The pace starts slow as you have only new items and nothing to review, but in a few levels it will be more than you can handle and you’ll have to manage how many new lessons you do.


For those who gave constructive criticism, I may stick at it. Thanks@goldenleafhollow, @Akurebabe & @ whatupshimasu.

To the others, I never said I was expecting to learn 2000+ kanji in a short time. I was talking about the conflict of what was already learned from traditional study to online study. Yes, I understood and knew it was SRS based. So, my original post was partly in frustration of waiting then reviewing.

I should have made myself clearer, not to turn off completely, but adjustment of the settings e.g. 2hrs review before the next one could be shorter.

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atm there is no way to change the review intervals, but you can use the self study script, to study items a little more.

also you can (once you subscribe[if you like it later]) look ahead, and study ahead if you like.


but that’s not how srs works :pensive: after the free levels the intervals are 4 hrs, 8 hrs, 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, and 4 months. trust me once you have like 300 items per day you probably won’t feel the need to review faster.


I thought for the first 2 levels, some of the intervals were less.

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yeah they are, i meant after the first two levels.


Afaik, they have made all materials free to look up, even for none-subscribers.


Spoilers, you’re gonna envy yourself today months later when you’re drowning in reviews. :wink: I had to slow down from 10-15 days per level, which is already slow to most people here, to 20-30 days per level because I was so overwhelmed.

Take advantage of your free time and look into other aspects to study: grammar, vocab, listening, speaking, culture, reading, etc. I regret not starting sooner there, so I highly recommend it. Lots of great resources can be found here:

Good luck on your journey! :slight_smile:



‘Take advantage of your free time and look into other aspects to study: grammar, vocab, listening, speaking, culture, reading, etc’

I do actually do this already; between wanikani and another site :+1. Wanikani isn’t my main resource for memorization, an excellent mobile app and traditional written text practice + language audio (in context with sentences). Wanikani is ‘further’ supplemental support.

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Oh awesome! Good for you :slight_smile: If you decide to stick with it, and since it’s free, why not?, through to level three, I think it’ll give you a good sense of if this will fit you or not. For some people, this system doesn’t work for them, for others it does, and some are in between. Hopefully you can find studying methods that work for you ^^

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'Good luck on your journey! ’

You must be quite far on your journey :slight_smile:

Hm, perhaps, but still have a long ways to go :slight_smile: And really, even with native languages, the journey never ends :wink:

One other point that I don’t think has been pointed out yet is that, aside from the scientific aspects, SRS is also all about efficiency. The goal is to ingrain a piece of information in your long term memory. If you review something every 2 hours for a day, I’m sure you’ll remember it every time. How often are you supposed to keep that up for? 7 months? (the normal completion time per item). Assuming you review it every 2 hours 12 hours a day that’s over 1260 reviews! Per item! At my current level that’s over 2000 reviews per hour, which will only increase until I start Burning items. That is a waste of time! :stuck_out_tongue:

I often find it’s very easy to get items up to Guru 1; I can easily remember something I don’t have a good mnemonic for over the space of 1-2 days. A week later when it’s time for Guru 2 though I face the true test of whether I actually properly learned this thing


For what it’s worth, the SRS intervals have gone through AB testing by Tofugu and they have been tweaked from time to time.

They also started keeping historical data on performance a couple of years ago (which is available from the API) so they have got tons and tons of real data on how well their intervals work.


Forget all of them in less than a minute

EDIT: Not bashing on this OP, but the people that think that this could be done “in less than a month.” I agree that a little extra leniency could be useful, but I wouldn’t expect that to happen any time soon from WK.

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This topic is a taboo in here.
I also think that srs should be flexible. It would be nice to have a “burn twice” option…
Maybe a preset setting like “fast lane” group or “slowpokes” group for preset srs mechanics…

Thoughts? :thought_balloon: