Space in kanjis

space written when we answer in kanji should warn you or be removed for you.

I don’t understand; we never answer in kanji.

I have this problem quite often as well, I am a moba player and I am way too used to automatically pressing certain buttons so I sometimes accidently space during certain readings (when answering in kana) as well. would be nice to have the spaces removed automatically but not the biggest deal in the world. just makes me learn the readings even better since I get them repeated more often xD

automatically removing spaces for you would remove mistakes you’re making. I’ve done it several times I’m sure, but in the end the point is to learn to NOT do that, so having it do it for you, is making you rely on a mechanic that in the real world, you won’t be able to do,which is counter productive.


I am pretty sure responses are stripped of surrounding whitespace. I’ve looked at our code and it does this in lessons and reviews. Is this not the experience for everyone?

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I believe they mean in between : Honn tou instead of honntou 本 当 vs本当

I meant kana sorry

usully i find the space before approving but when the last caracter is an “n” et I touch the space bar I cannot see it. It’s just stupid to have to redo the review for that.

here is an example

Thanks for the example.

Ahh okay I understand now. For some reason I assumed we were talking about surrounding white spaces.

Not stripping inner white space is intentional; @Kyuui13 has the correct reasoning as to why we don’t strip them out.

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There should be no spaces. It’s based on this post about how to type Japanese:

Hope this helps!


If you type on a phone with a romaji keyboard, it also doesn’t change to ん if it is the end of a sentence. You always have to type this one as nn to be safe. It’ll automatically change if there is another syllable after though. So you can type Konnichiwa correctly without an extra n! :smile:

I believe the wanikani IME will change a lone “n” to ん on submission. It’s a good habit to get into anyways because …んい and …んや will get you in trouble.


Good to know. Though I personally didn’t want to chance it. I’m in the habit from texting kana anyways! :slight_smile:

Would it be productive and beneficial to the learning process if the spaces were highlighted as the problem? I’m so used to spaces auto completing things I need some positive reinforcement to get out of the habit :slight_smile:

Actually, you’ll have to type Konnichiha (did the mistake earlier today).

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