Sound Bite Volumes Pt 2

Something I brought up in theLast post has shown up again and this time I’ve brought examples!
全て and 早く in the review phase of them they are at drastically different volumes, with the former being about half as loud as the latter. That is the issue. They should be recorded at a single master level so they all are the same loudness. I know you guys are busy doing lots of stuff but can we please at least consider this?

I’d love to go through 6k audio clips and do this.

I’m an odd person.

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Brb making a request for a userscript with a custom sound library voiced entirely by Alex

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I could do that…

I really should stop entertaining this idea…

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Too late, its in your mind, tapping at the back of your eyes, saying “hey, hey, you wanna do that, don’t cha? C’mon, whats it gonna be?”
and its being voiced by Morgan Freeman no less

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