Something wrong with progress chart?

I just looked at the prediction for my next level-up. It says that I’ve been on level 13 for 148 days (truth is less than a week…) and that I finished level 12 in 0 days and 0 hours!

Which progress chart are you talking about?

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Ah yes, you want to tag @rfindley for that…

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I was thinking it’s his but I wasn’t sure.

I have had levels fluctuate slightly, usually off by a few hours, but never to that extent. It always fixed itself upon my next level up. Maybe that will happen with you? Not sure. Plantron already pinged rfindley for you so we’ll see what he has to say.

For things like this, it’s better to post your question in the original thread. One possible solution is to click your username in the top-right corner and then click “Force Refresh”.

Refresh won’t work in this case. I checked out @pikkurumpalin’s data on my browser, and I get the same result, which means there’s an issues with the calculations. I’ll work on this later today.

Something is triggering the (very temperamental) algorithm I use to fudge wonky WK data that occurs in some circumstances. It has to account for things like items that have been moved to other levels, incorrect ‘unlocked’ dates at the pay wall, levels with no radicals, etc


Ah, oh well. I just tagged you in another post in the API v2 thread that may interest you, related to your “temperamental” algorithm.

Thank you!

It turns out this is because you haven’t done any radical lessons on your current level yet. As soon as you do a radical lesson, it should auto-correct.

I’ll let you know if it persists after radical lessons.

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