Some questions - Not Sure WaniKani is for me

Content is spread out and it’s encouraged to work at it daily, as opposed to cram it into your system and burning out.

Remembering The Kanji also categorizes the kanji and adds radicals as it goes on, building up on what came before it. Although you have to come up with your own system for repetition, which is why I came here years ago.


I guess they’re complaining about not being able to add items to the SRS faster? I think some fast levelers study ahead one level using Self Study to make sure they don’t get any kanji wrong and can keep leveling up at max speed.

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I hate being paced. Hated it in school and hate it here. The self-study script is almost enough to get me off the fence and just subscribe, I would love to use the overall WaniKani system but the “you will only be allowed to learn this next month, or year, I don’t care how well you know what has already been covered” thing bothers me, a lot. I could always study on the side, but if I’m studying on the side and WaniKani is lagging far behind, what’s the point of spending the money on a subscription? I can’t stay engaged with the material if I’m not allowed to challenge myself as I progress but simply have this routine to go through. I don’t care about WaniKani levels at all, all I care about is learning.

So it sounds like no, WaniKani is not for you. Throw a big Anki deck together and go to town. Although trying to cram thousands of items all at once, sounds like a bad idea to me. But, you do you. Good luck.


Short version: Just a quick reminder to not get too caught up in progressing fast on wanikani if it’s to the detriment of your overall learning speed. Ignore if you don’t feel like that’s relevant.

People already seem to have answered your main questions, but I just want to throw in a quick reminder that you probably shouldn’t get too caught up in just studying kanji. Not saying you are, necessarily, but it definitely does seem to happen to people every now and then based on what people say on the forums and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least mention it since you sound really focused on the wk stuff. I could be wrong, but then nothing worse than that I wasted a couple of minutes writing this and that you wasted a couple of seconds reading it happened.

So, basically: learning grammar and non-wk vocab is also very important if you want to use what you learn, grammar might even be more useful for actually being able to use Japanese sooner since a lot of easier stuff have furigana, and learning grammar as well also helps with having something to do while waiting for more stuff on wk if you want to go really fast and also learn fast overall and not just progress fast on wanikani.

All just my opinion, though, of course, and what works well for me may or may not work well for everyone else, but I personally don’t regret learning a lot(comparatively speaking, since my wk level isn’t super high) of grammar early-ish since it made it much more possible to actually read stuff :slight_smile:

Oh, and I guess I can check the self-study script thing for you, just give me a couple minutes to install it


According to sean, you can use the self-study script to study ahead. That would make WaniKani for me. According to Leebo, you can’t. So if anyone knows for sure I would like to know. I can access some locked content if I play with the settings but I can’t tell if the reason I can’t access level 9 stuff is because I’m not subscribed, or because it’s just not possible. I guess it’s not a big deal to subscribe and see for myself, but I could also wait a little bit in case someone knows for sure.

Oh I appreciate that! I used the settings, filters, SRS Level and enabled locked, in case you are not sure how to test it.

At least it seems like I can use it to study stuff from higher levels with the script I tried, so it does indeed seem to be possible, you just have to change the default settings very slightly. Do make sure you don’t neglect other parts of the language regardless of what you do regarding kanji though, an also keep in mind that wanikani tends to speed up a bit as you go along :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks!

Hi would just like to add a small suggestion if you are feeling bored of the reviews and crave more…I would suggest reading all of the example sentences that go along with the vocab and kanji. Especially if you are more familiar with Japanese. To me it is an additional learning tool because you know the new vocabulary and through sentence context you can learn other new words.
Also have you checked out wanikani’s page on “What Now?”? There are a bunch of other engaging resources to enhance your learning while you “wait” on new reviews and lessons.

I know you’ve had lots of responses to your questions so I hope my extra tips help!


Thanks for the reminder. Wanikani has its oddities and limits, and it’s good to use multiple resources to try to learn a new language or skill.

And let us know how it goes. We don’t usually get to hear from people again after their triumphant conquest begins.


Sure, but what would I report?

This was me, I started to focus too much in leveling up fast, wanting to “learn” more and more kanji, that I was not even learning the kanji/vocab of each level appropriately, resulting in me having to reset my level. Now I don’t care how long it takes me to level, but I’m making sure that what I’m learning sticks with me.

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Whether people approve of it or not, I have subscribed and will be relying mostly on the self-study script. Learning things is hard and a lot of people give up before they go very far but I think it’s a mistake to attribute failure to “going too fast”. How many people take WaniKani slow and also fail/give up? Lots. There are some problems with the self-study script but I’ll give it a try for a month to see if it works out.

I’ll leave that to you. I wouldn’t presume to predict what results you’ll have.

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The API exists for people to use (including via the Self Study script), so I don’t think anyone will mind. :slight_smile:


Any other cool scripts I should know about?

Most I use are geared towards lessons or reviews, which won’t matter for you if you’re going to mostly use Self Study. Here are some that should still be useful though:

  • Additional Filters (for Self Study) - this adds a few more options to Self Study. Most are still geared towards regular usage of WaniKani, but the “related items” filter could be useful.
  • Pitch Info - Show pitch diagrams on vocab pages.
  • Keisei - Show phonetic components on kanji pages.

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