So many new lessons

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Not soon enough.

cause my goal is to be done by dec 2021. you need to do the new lessons and reviews @ the same time to hit to the next level. PLUS when if u dont do the lessons, and when you are finish with the reviews, and then you do the lessons, number count will increase. and most likely when you finish that review, then new lessons automatically

I’m quite new here, but trying to get it done by then, seems a good way to burn-out honestly?


not sure. but i just literally finish 46 reviews. my next review is in 3 hrs. so i have 120 reviews total from no where when it was original of 109. so its gonna take me like 1hr 30 mins. cause i read some stuff to. so time is time.

It’d be going at near max pace. It’s technically possible but a lot of people advice against it since you’ll run a high risk of burning out and there aren’t really any real benefits. It’s great it your goal is to get a level 60 badge but if your goal is to learn Japanese, taking time to actually learn is a better approach.

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This is not true actually. Since some kanji are blocked by the radicals for most levels, as long as you do all radical lessons right away, and all kanji lessons by the time you guru the radicals (which takes at least 3.5 days), you can still level up at max speed. You may want to look into [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter and create a schedule for doing your lessons. If you want to level up at max speed, I’d recommend something like this:

  • Day 1: All radicals, 1/3 of unlocked kanji, some vocab
  • Day 2: 1/3 of unlocked kanji, some vocab
  • Day 3: 1/3 of unlocked kanji, some vocab (all kanji lessons should be done at this point)
  • Day 4: (radicals hit guru) all kanji unlocked from radicals
  • Day 5: 1/3 of unlocked vocab
  • Day 6: 1/3 of unlocked vocab
  • Day 7: 1/3 of unlocked vocab (all vocab lessons should be done at this point)

This script is powerful, but you have to use it responsibly. Don’t neglect your vocab lessons or you’ll just hurt yourself in the long run. If you can follow this approach well, you’ll level up just as fast and still learn all the content, but you’ll have a much more balanced lesson and review schedule, which should remove some of the pressure.


I’ve been here just for a short time, but I’ve never felt the need to do all the available lessons as they come, I do all the reviews, though. Is it slow, yes, but I don’t get burnt out nor everwhelmed by the amount of work.
I’d just build a schedule with an amount of new items a day that you feel comfortable with and follow it, it might be 30 or 40 or 20 (or only 5-10 like I do :rofl:) if you combine it with some reordering (when I didn’t use the reorder thing I had a bunch of vocabulary to finish after leveling up, so now I’m mixing some vocab with some Kanji to see if it works out better for me) you’d be going almost at the same pace (leveling up in like 10 days, which I guess is about fine for most people).

When I hit level 5, the site specifically warned against trying to do all new lessons as they are added. This guy is trying to suicide by wanikani!

I do one lesson a day (five new entries), if that. I do my reviews as often as I can, and only introduce a new lesson if my review queue is manageable and I feel that I am not overwhelmed. This is usually around 50 reviews.

The OP here is clearly overwhelmed.


I would strongly advise you to slow down, especially if you keep this pace up at higher levels. Not only will you burn out because you are doing so much everyday, but you will also struggle to retain any kanji knowledge. Also why is your goal to get done by December 2021? Any particular reason?

So I can just be finish with it. And sometimes I go over the previous kanji too when I have time. But the problem is if I have 120 new lessons, and do 10 per day, the reviews will stack up for sure. If I complete the reviews before end of the day and then do the lessons, those lessons, will stack up about 30-60 each. As I recall I did that before

So it’s like if you don’t finish lessons in a certain time frame then reviews will stack up. And so the next day reviews will stack more etc

Not really.
The reviews depend on the lessons you do, and mostly your apprentice and guru items that are the ones that are reviewed most frequently.
For example:
I do 10 lessons at 6 pm, I’ll hace 10 reviews at 10 pm, 10 reviews at 6 am tomorrow, 10 reviews at 6 am the next day, 10 reviews at 6am the day after that (if I do all those reviews as they come up). Then after that the next review for those items if in a week.
If the next day I do again 10 lessons at 6 pm, I’ll have 10 reviews at 10 pm, then the next day at 6 am I’ll have the 10 reviews from the past day+the 10 from this second day.

And so on, but when you guru an item you only review it in a week, then in two weeks, then for months, so they don’t go over and over everyday (unless you are getting them wrong in a loop).

I can assure you, because I have 50 new lessons , I do 10 a day and I’m getting like 50 reviews a day, not more. Of course I never get 0 lessons, but I have no problem with it.
You still are not understanding how wk works.
If I were you, I’ll only do reviews until you master all the items (they won’t come back for a long while) so you’ll start the reviews from 0.
Anyway I see since you made this post you’re like 3 levels higher? I can’t remember exactly, but we started around the same time and you are 10 levels higher than I am, so I think you’re just overloading yourself.

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for example like today around 2pm i literally had around 127 reviews. along with like 75 - 90 new lessons. the next +review was at 3pm the original number was like very low. probably like 5 or somethiing. so while i was on break, i was doing the new lessons. the x amount of new lessons i did, increased up to like 30 stack up reviews at 3pm. so had i kept going with the remaining lessons, i’ll probably get like 50s or 60s. so i stopped that and tried it. by the time it hit 4pm, i did the +5 reviews. so then after that. at 5pm i get +10 reviews. so during the break before 5pm (1hr to do lessons) i still see that review from 5pm to become a greater number.

it should be stacking up in the later times. like at 7pm or something like that. not every hour of when i’m doing lessons though.

as of this time, i finished all of my 75 - 90 lessons and my last one is at 8pm with +43 lessons.

I’ve never had that happen, if It is really so, maybe there’s something not working well.
Of course if you have originally say 10 reviews at 4 pm, then at 12 am you do 30 lessons, of course at 4 pm you’ll have those 30 reviews in addition to the 10 you had.
That’s why we told you to do very little lessons a day. Most of the reviews come when an item is at apprentice, which is the following 48 hours from the lesson (if you get all the 4 reviews correct).
Please, try to read carefully all that we’ve written. If you stick to a regular schedule of lessons, like 10 a day or 20 a day in set times, your review schedule will be predictable as well.

My schedule is usually reviews at 7-8 am, 10 lessons at 6 pm, reviews at 10 pm. I usually have around 30 lessons at 7-8 pm and 10 lessons at 10 pm. I’ve got some in the middle for items I miss or some added if I’m enlightening items, but that’s about it. The more consistant you are in you’re schedule the more consistant the SRS system will be.

That’s not how Wanikani works. Are you using any scripts?

Hey @kun123 ! It looks like quite a few people have already given good advice about taking a break from lessons and have explained how the SRS works. It seems like you’re still a bit confused about it though, which happens to many of us at first!
Please send us an email at with your direct questions or you can live chat with us (generally 9 - 5pm PST, Mon-Fri) directly from the website.

In case you missed the links that people have shared above, I recommend taking a look at these articles again to see if there’s any misunderstandings:


Ok. I am expecting around 1am that’s when my numbers will all get stacked to +79? According to the new lessons. I feel like, as I done before, if I do 79 all lessons first or even 10/79 my reviews will stack at the next time at 9am or 10am.

So if I do the highest review from picture and then do the lessons WHERE will it stack once I do all of them??

If you do 10 lessons at that time you had 8:07, you’ll get the 10 reviews at 12:00.

I don’t really understand what you mean with that: “I am expecting around 1am that’s when my numbers will all get stacked to +79?”

If you do the 79 lessons at 8:07, you’ll get all 79 at 12:00 (as I guess it’ll probably take longer than a hour to go through 79 items, you’d probably get the ones you finish before 9:00 at 12:00 and the ones you finish later than that at 1:00)

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I expect you read this (from the previous post)

and it says "Once you finish the Lesson for an item it becomes Apprentice 1. There is a 4 hour wait until that item appears in your Reviews. "
So whatever time you finish your lesson, it will reappear as a review in 4 hours.


So if I do the highest review from picture and then do the lessons WHERE will it stack once I do all of them??

I’m also not sure what you mean, but if you are saying that you want to do the lessons after the 9 and 10 am reviews, I guess at 10-11, the reviews would come 4 hours later, at 2-3 pm, depending when you finish each lesson.

Take into account that after you do those reviews that would come at 2-3, 8 hours later you’d get the next review, so at 10-11 pm if you do them as soon as they’re available.

It don’t matter if I read or not. Ok so like u said if I do a review there’s gonna be a 4 hour wait. I’m quoting you.

There are times when I do a certain time review. Currently I have 79 new lessons right now.

I have, the other times, where I got 110 new lessons I did all of them , ALL OF THEM, and 1-2 hours later I get +70 reviews and the remaining reviews by the end of the day.

Like you said if I do 10 lessons now like literally right now I get +10 onto the next review. That should not happen because there should be a 4 hours wait. So at 9am if I do 10 right now it’s gonna stack those 10 at 10am, but that’s a hour wait not 4.