So I read my first manga

Hey, congrats! :+1:

For buying digital books and manga, BookWalker is a pretty popular option. No need to tamper with anything; you should be able to use your credit card and just log in and buy stuff. There is a detailed explanation here: Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content and if you still have questions left, feel free to ask here or there!

For manga, I’m afraid I’m not much help as I prefer to read books, but if you liked Yotsuba then maybe you might like Flying Witch? It’s a very relaxed slice-of-life manga about a young witch who spends an exchange year in northern Japan. I enjoyed it a lot, and there is even a book club where you can get answers to your questions if you have any: Reading Vol. 11・ふらいんぐうぃっち・Flying Witch (Beginner Book Club) 🧹

Happy reading!