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So, I wasted a few minutes and found out that there’s no PM system on WK. So, hey! You like Intervals too, cool! Drop some music recommendations down below!!:smiley:

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If you know intervals you probably also know Plini and Sithu Aye but if you don’t check them out!!
If you like heavier stuff Pomagranate Tiger is awesome.
Mandroid Echostar is also a sick metal band, I recommend the album Citadels (but listen to the instrumental version I don’t like the vocalist)
Tides of Man is also cool, especially their (I think) most recent album which is also instrumental.

I can recommend from other genres too but this is all my favorite stuff that’s somewhat similar to Intervals.

If you wanna continue this conversation I’d recommend the Pseudo PMs thread

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I’ll give them a try and leave you a comment on the “metalheads unite!” thread.

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I just wandered into this thread to have a closer look at your pretty pastel avatar.


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