[Show WaniKani] Poster with all 2200 kanji from jōyō and WaniKani

Hi everyone,

I’ve started to make a poster with all 2200 Kanji from jōyō and WaniKani: https://github.com/Mononofu/kanji_poster

It’s similar to the Kanji Wall Poster from OMG Japan (former white rabbit press), but I wanted to show the readings and meaning right next to the kanji, to make it easier to check if I forget :slight_smile: (Of course not all of them fit, so I only show the first onyomi, kunyomi and reading for each kanji)

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of sorting and coloring the kanji; currently I have them sorted by the order they occur in the Remember the Kanji books by Heisig, and colored by the frequency they occur in some texts that I had to hand (NHK Easy News, Satori Reader and Harry Potter).

I’d be curious to hear if you have any ideas for different ways of sorting and coloring the poster, or maybe some other information I should include in it?


Wow, this is a really awesome poster @mononofu! I like how you included the hiragana and katakana for the kanji, but is there a reason you put the on’yomi reading in katakana? I like your color scheme, but it’s kind of hard to differentiate some of the blues, so maybe it would be easier to tell which are the common kanji by making them different colors instead of a blue gradient? My only suggestion for ordering is that it might be nice to order them by JLPT level, but I think there are other kanji posters that already do that, so if that’s not your goal with the poster don’t do it.

Thanks for sharing!

The usual convention (for dictionaries, not the written language!) is that onyomi readings are written with katakana while kunyomi are written with hiragana to distinguish them. For example when you look up a certain kanji on jisho.org it will use this convention too:


Perhaps make the program that generates it a user script that generates the poster with coloring specific to the user’s WK progress along with user specified sort methods.

I seem to recall someone set up a web site to do something similar, but maybe it was restricted to only KW kanji with no flexibility in ordering. I don’t have a link handy.

I see! Thank you!

It’s great work ! Thank you !
Now thinking of printing this to a big A0 or A1 poster, to wake up with it…

Maybe this?


I can make a version ordered by JLPT if you have a list of Kanji by JLPT level? Personally I’m not studying for JLPT, so I don’t have any good resources for it.

The hiragana/katakana is as @desireentz says, to distinguish onyomi from kunyomi.

I’m not studying for the JLPT either so I don’t have a good resource. Maybe somebody else does if that’s something you’re interested in doing?

I don’t think there’s an official kanji list per JLPT level, but the website I posted above uses this one: http://wkw.natural20design.com/order.php?order=jlpt

Hope it helps!

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