Should I slow down? (Advice appreciated)

The title is a bit vague but here’s the situation.

I knew some kanji (N5 Kanji + some) before starting WaniKani 10 days ago. Because of that, I find it quite easy (I just reached level 3 though.) It’s so addicting because I get almost everything right (98–99% accuracy) and I’ve been spending 1–2 h on WaniKani everyday + extra time in the forums.

The problem is that this probably isn’t a recipe for long term success. Right now we’re in semi-quarantine and I have tons of free time. I got back into learning Japanese and I’m just so excited because I can see the progress and reading even the simplest of sentences feels so rewarding.

But I know I can’t keep up this level of enthusiasm for years and sooner than later I’ll have to go back to the real world; work, go outside, learn other things and generally live.

I’m the kind of person who gets really motivated, gets lots done in a very short amount of time and then just gets interested in something entirely different and the cycle goes on. I don’t want Japanese to be like that for me. I want to speak the language, read manga, watch anime, participate in discussions in Japanese online and generally use the language.

So I was wondering what more experienced members think about this and what kind of schedule you’ve built.

I also study grammar (YouTube videos by Cure Dolly + Human Japanese) but I’ve realized I spend a lot less time on grammar because I’m so hooked on WaniKani! :frowning:


You’re only on level 3, so your “addiction” might change once the reviews really start piling up! But I hope you keep the enthusiasm, of course!
I personally go through periods where I’ll be really into studying (even several hours a day) before getting burned out, taking a little break for a week or something, then returning.

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Do you feel that’s working out well for you?

Honestly, yeah! I’m advancing pretty well, though sometime I will forget things and have to review old stuff I’ve learned. :sweat_smile: But my method may not work for everyone!

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In order to make sure you use the language long term, you need to make it part of your life as early as possible. That means reading manga/books and/or communicating with people in Japanese regularly, once you can. In can be a bit hard to start reading without a decent foundation in grammar and vocab, but joining a book club on the forums is a great way to start early because you can get help and motivation from others reading with you.


If anything you should spend more time with us here on the forums 295787090669469698


Kumi! You’re not really saying this right?



Good to know regardless! Thanks

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Thanks for the tips. I agree it has to be part of my life but my vocabulary is so limited that I have to look things up constantly in order to understand any sort of content. (It feels so good when I happen to know all the words and grammar that make up a sentence though… which is quite rare right now.)

I might try some of the “absolute beginner” books in the thread you recommended though. :blush: Reading things I don’t understand at all, looking everything up and analyzing the sentences until I get them works wonders but gets tiring fast. I can do it now but won’t have the time once life gets back to normal and/or I start working some project. That’s why it’s important to figure out how to go about learning and practicing long term.

Really…? :sweat_smile: How would that help? I visit the forums to either read “I reached level 60 posts” (I’m curious and new here so I find them very interesting!) or skim titles and read whatever catches my eye.

My vocabulary is really bad as well, but apps like Torii SRS and websites like Flo*Flo (which is currently migrating to a different site – more information on that can be found on these forums!) have helped tremendously! Although overloading yourself with different SRSes can burn you out if you’re not careful…

There’s tons of different topics here! From anime, to gardens, to mental health, to memes, there’s something bound to catch your interest. Talking about Japanese content with others is a great way to keep motivated, but there’s tons of topics not relating to Japanese here. Sometimes just talking about various things not directly related to the Japanese language is fun too! It’s important to take at least a few breaks. :slight_smile:

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Everyone should spend more time with us on the forums!

The most important thing in life is having fun!

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You have the time, make the most of it. You won’t always, and you’ll adjust to a new normal when you get to that point. But for now, go crazy. The kanji you learn in the early levels are everywhere.

Also, welcome to WaniKani! Best of luck reaching that cake! You can look forward to my level 60 thread in (hopefully) a month or so :wink:

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That sounds like sound advice, thank you! I’m looking forward to reading your level 60 post :slight_smile:

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