Should I reset my progress or continue on?

I reached Level 11 on wanikani and left it there for the past 6-7 months. I am looking at a massive 1682 reviews to go just to clear it and wonder if I should just reset it instead or pace it out like 100 a day? What should I do?


Pace it out 100 a day. SRS will take care of your recall.

Good luck :+1:


Hi UndercoverL,

I’m in a similar situation now with 985 reviews. Recently I had 1400 reviews and cleared them, a few months back.

Pacing it out is worth it. It’s doable. Sometimes you may feel inspired to do more than 100, and that’ll speed things up consistently. It’s a slog, but it’ll feel great when you catch up, and overall it’s probably faster than resetting.

However, if that big number of reviews is just crushing your motivation and you feel bad all the time, then you may want to consider resetting. For some people it’s the right answer.

So, if emotionally and physically it’s okay for you to push through it, I recommend trying to catch up. But you’ll know best whether that’s right for you!


How I would approach this problem:

  1. How well do I know the material?
  • All of it: Press onward and whittle away at the mountain
  • Some of it: Try pressing onward, but if the progress is too slow, choose a level to reset to.
  • None of it: Full reset for the sake of sanity.
  1. My mental fortitude for errors
  • High tolerance: Press forward with reviews and learn by getting things wrong constantly
  • Low tolerance: Reset to a comfortable level to not burn out from discouragement.
  1. Willingness to engage in extra-Wani Kani study
  • Free time: Refresh knowledge of older materials through active study from other sources.
  • Lack of time: Reset to comfortable level to, again, prevent burnout from incorrect answers and slow down.

I reset fully at level 16 after a year off of Wani Kani. I’m a lifetime subscriber, so it wasn’t a big factor for me and I saw it as a way to shore up basics again. Plus, it might’ve been faster to crawl back up durtle mountain than face the hordes at the level I was at, especially since I am prone to messing up visually similar kanji.


With your current level and amount of backlog and timed absence, I would have gone back to start.
I have done it twice myself, and was very worth it!
But I have lifetime, so doesn’t cost me any extra. Paying month to month, if you can get through it, pushing forward will be faster.

How fast were you going beforehand? If you were going max speed or near max speed, you might be better off just resetting and doing it again. You could get back to level 11 in just a couple months, and you’d have very high accuracy on your reviews because you’ve already learned the material before. It will take a decent amount of time to chip away at 1600 reviews anyway because many of them are going to come right back, so you won’t be able to learn new lessons for a while regardless. If you still remember the material from the first few levels, you also don’t necessarily have to do a full reset (unless having a completely fresh start would be beneficial to you).

I think it depends on your goal and budget as well since you are a montly/annually subscriber.

I would recommend to reset to a level you feel comfortable enough.

I was in a similar situation when I reached like level 25. At that time I made a lot of lessons and not having enough time to make the reviews, so the latter just went piling on and on.
I reached a point where I didn’t enjoy anything, failing a lot of reviews and not learning at all.
After leaving wanikani for two years because I felt exhausted, and remembering that it made me learn a lot of Kanjis, I did reset to level 9, which is where I felt comfortable with, and now I’m back on the learning.
This time I’m taking it more relaxed, re-learning stuff (a lot of kanjis are coming easily), and I’m happy.

This is not a race, and you will put your own rhythm.
P.S. I’m a lifetime subscriber, so it didn’t hurt me much. If you are one as well, you might reset even at Level 1 if needed. Otherwise, just reset until a comfort level :slight_smile:

Don’t reset. Could you slow down and pace it out? It’s going to waste your precious time to relearn things. I’ve been there, and I regretted it. I shouldn’t have had reset back there.

Just trust the SRS.

Money isn’t a issue. I did some review right now and realized I do remember a lot more than I thought. The number is daunting to look at, but I would say at least for me once I have momentum going, I can keeping going on for hours.

Thank you for your feedback


Yeah if you still remember most of it then don’t bother resetting. 11 levels is roughly 2-3 months that quiet a lot.

I’m against resetting in virtually all cases. There’s nothing magic about it that’s going to help you.

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I found it really useful to look through the items on the different levels and see where I could clearly recognize most of them and where I didn’t. Decided to reset to level 5 from level 12. Doing lessons in much smaller chunks now, 15/20 a day and able to stay on top of things much better.

Tehe. Sometimes I do more than 300 in a day just because I have been slacking… I think it’s a great way to get back in the game actually. I say just go and grind. 300+ in a day is bit much I’ll admit, so take it easy and in your own pace! =)

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