Should I mark myself wrong for accidentally giving a different kanji reading?

In particular, I saw the kanji 懐 (nostalgia) in my reviews. It’s looking for the kun’yomi (なつ), but I mistook it for 快 (pleasant), so I entered the on’yomi (かい) for that, but it turned out that that is also an on’yomi for 懐! So I didn’t get that marked wrong purely by chance, and I realized it was なつ so I entered that and got it right, but now I feel like I’m cheating myself a bit. When this sort of thing happens, do you intentionally get it wrong or do you continue as normal?

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I figure usually in context I will get other clues as to the reading, like okurigana, so I just let these slide up. Also when reading when you read it wrong you’ll notice the sentence makes no sense, so you’ll go back yo see where you went wrong and fix it that way. Kind of comparable. So I think it’s totally fine


in the case where you describe where u mistook the reading because you mistook the meaning, this is a mistake. if you mistook it because of words u know that use the kanji, it isnt a mistake


I would probably mark it wrong, although it would hurt to do so. My goal in WK is not to level up as fast as possible but to learn the kanji thoroughly.

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if you mark it wrong even though it really wasnt a mistake you are just slowing yourself down and not actually learn more

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