I mean, is it wrong though? (Yes)

I got 辞 and 幸 confused. But in this case, one could argue my definition wasn’t wrong!

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I just hate when I’m using the website for reviews so I can go fast and I put the kanji answer instead of the vocab answer for the same character and it marks it as wrong.

Come to think of it, sometimes it does go back and say “We’re looking for the other -yomi here,” even on the website, so I don’t know when it lets me put the other answer and when it doesn’t.

Is it wrong, though? Yes also, I guess.

Because it is wrong?

That’s only for kanji items not vocab items. It only does that because kanji have multiple readings. It shakes because you provided a valid kanji reading just not the one you were taught. Vocab words usually only have on correct reading so that’s why you get marked wrong. For example, for the word 人 neither にん or じん are a correct reading. ひと is the reading for the word 人.

To add to the response of the previous comment, if you want, you can mostly memorize the single vocab reading ( usually the kun’yomi) because it’s listed in the kanji anyway, so the kanji will not mark it as wrong, and like you said, just ask for the on’yomi ( usually the reading that the kanji is asking for)

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