Shirokuma Cafe (and other recommendations)

My girlfriend recently showed me an Anime that has been absolutely beneficial to my listening / reading (subtitles) comprehension. Shirokuma Cafe is a free to watch anime that is basically about a Panda Bear’s life and his misadventures. The vocabulary and grammar is very beginner friendly, and they speak at a very comfortable pace. The subtitles are also in Japanese, Romanji, and English. (You can choose which subtitles to display at a time). Also, if you click on certain words in the subtitle it will give you a translation. The anime itself, I found, is pretty funny. I’ve audibly laughed a couple times.

Over the last few weeks, I have been casually watching an episode, then replaying it and going scene by scene. It has benefited me tremendously. After watching an episode, I’ll try to apply some of the new vocab/grammar by speaking to my girlfriend who’s Japanese and can help correct me.

If anyone else has any other similar recommendations, please post em!


I started to read the Manga and I can understand it surprisingly well, while I’m having more trouble with よつばと!


If you want to try reading the manga, we have a book club. :smiley:


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