Sharing my reading practice tool


I find a way to practice my Japanese reading on a daily basis, and wanted to share it with you.

I upload all my vocabulary and sentences (jpg format) that I am learning into a digital picture frame and display them on loop all day. I started with one at home and ended up with 2 more, one for work and one in a different room of my apartment. That way the Japanese is always near by.

I have noticed some improvements on my reading, and noticed that i am reading them much faster after a while.

I hope this will help you.

PS: Sorry for my English. I am a french native speaker.

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Hi cKhemmar,
Great idea. Would you mind telling me how you convert you vocab and sentences to jpg format?
I struggle with technology.
Many thanks

This reminds me of Duendecat. Anybody still using it?


Here’s an easy way:

There are a lot of similar websites online, but this one seems to support kanji (though it may or may not use the Chinese variants of some kanji), and allows you to type the text directly on the website.

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Oohh. This is nice, if I can have one both at home and office. I wish I could own a digital picture frame though :persevere:

Thank You :).

You can use Keynote if you are on a Mac or PowerPoint on PC to create your slides and then export them as .jpg. OpenOffice Impress can also do it but only one slide at a time.



They are not that expensive nowadays, I budgeted mine 20$ a month and bought them on amazon. You can find some starting at 45$, The first one i bough is a 10", and the other ones are 8" almost half the price of the 10". I personally prefer the smaller size as it fit better for a desk use.


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Thanks for the info! I found one that is around 25$. I’ll start saving money for it :grin:

Cool Just be careful on the memory size, and if you can put a SD card or USB stick.



I think you can get them even cheaper than that. I’m seeing $15 ones on Amazon and I know sometimes in store they’ve gone for $10 on sale. Another idea which may be a little more work is to get and LED matrix display and program it to display the text. They’re typically about $2-10 but require some basic knowledge to program. For the little bit of extra money though $15 isn’t bad for the picture viewer.