Shameful learning stories 😑

I’ll start with one. I recently learned 五十音順 - I started reading the explanation and was like huh 50 sounds… ah jeez syllabary is a weird word - maybe aiueo is just like some magic word that means 50 sounds or something? Soooo I shrugged and moved on without finishing the explanation.

Skip ahead a week or so and I keep randomly getting this review wrong as I type like aoeui order or aueio order or something since I figured it’s just like some combination of vowels, right?

:man_facepalming: Recently realized that it’s あいうえお and that it corresponds to the hirgana column order and whatnot. Went back and re-read the explanation and realized I just ignored the whole last sentence - whoops. <__<

Any of you have any embarrassing stories to help ease my shame here?


Aye. Because the alternative “alphabetical” order for kana is called いろは. :slightly_smiling_face:



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