September 17 2021 Content Updates


込める (34) - added “to crowd” to block list.

服飾 (30) - added “fashion” and “clothing” as alternative meanings, added “clothing and accessories”, “clothing”, and “clothes” to allow list, updated meaning explanation, and added two context sentences.

(34) - updated reading explanation.

追悼 (55) - updated reading explanation.

原子爆弾 (39) - added “nuclear bomb” to allow list.

(13) - added “poet” to block list.

詩人 (13) - added “poem” to block list and updated meaning explanation.

詩歌 (13) - added “poem” to allow list and “poet” to block list.

(30) - added おも to reading warning list.

欲求 (32) - added “craving” as an alternative meaning, moved “personal needs” to allow list, edited one context sentence translation, and added two context sentences.

航法 (29) - added “aviation” to block list.

化ける (8) - added “to transform oneself” as primary meaning and “to be transformed” as alternative meaning, and moved “to transform” to allow list.

Transitive Verb Updates

買う (8) - added “to buy something” to allow list.

数える (8) - added “to count something” to allow list.

決める (8) - added “to decide something” to allow list.

見直す (8) - added “transitive” as word type, and added “to decide something”, “to reevaluate something”, “to look at something again”, and “to reconsider something” to allow list.

思い出す (8) - added “to remember something”, and “to recall something” to allow list.

話す (8) - added “to speak something”, “to speak about something”, and “to talk about something” to allow list.

支える (8) - added “to support something”, and “to support someone” to allow list.

回す (8) - made “to turn something” primary meaning, added “to spin something” as alternative meaning, and moved “to turn”, “to rotate” and “to spin” to allow list.

澄ます (47) - made “to make something clear” primary meaning, added “to clear something” and “to strain” as alternative meanings, moved “to clear” and “to make clear” to allow list, added “to strain something” to allow list, and added two context sentences.

Vocabulary Added

  • Level 19: 昆虫 (こんちゅう) - insect
  • Level 55: 瑛斗 (えいと) - Eito
  • Level 55: 遼太 (りょうた) - Ryota
  • Level 56: 那智の滝 (なちのたき) - Nachi Falls
  • Level 56: 弊社 (へいしゃ) - our company
  • Level 57: 癒す (いやす) - to heal something

Thank you, Jenny! :high_touch:


Thank you, Jenny


Thank you, Jenny!


I’ve been doing kanji lessons (and reviews) daily, yet haven’t be able to get any of the new kanji to guru to unlock vocabulary this past week. Thus, I was happy to finally see a new vocabulary lesson pop up. And it turns out it was only a bug.

(I’ll take what I can get.)

(And I need to work harder on learning my Lv.30 kanji.)


Thank you Jenny! :grinning::grinning:


Thank you, Jenny! :grin:


Thanks Jenny! :high_touch:


Thanks Jenny! :heart:

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Thank you Jenny!

That’s the admin link :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing that out @kopp and thanks for the thanks all! :grinning:


Hi, what is an “allow list”? :thinking:

The allow list are a set of words that, when entered during a review, are marked as correct even though they aren’t thought during lessons or show up on the item’s page. They’re essentially hidden synonyms.

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Thank you!

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