Scripts to align with Genki?

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at level 8-9 right now and on chapter 8 of Genki book. I signed up and have saturday japanese classes for 3 hours at my local language center. My biggest drawback right now is that I really enjoy the WaniKani method of learning words and their associated kanji but it has a somewhat big drawback if you are in a structured genki course. The time required to keep up with wanikani and accumulate 100s of reviews takes away from the time I need to study the genki words. Is there any script out there that aligns wanikani with genki? Also as a suggestion to wanikani admins. Would be really nice if we could select learning to follow the 2 or 3 most used japanese learning books. sort of how bunpro does. Thanks in advance. love wanikani so far.


I don’t think there would be a script allowing for this simply because it would require items to be pulled from across levels, including levels that may not be open yet, unfortunately.

When I took my Genki course last year, I perpetually had Quizlet open so I could study chapter-specific vocabulary as needed. And, in fact, I’m sure you could find free anki decks that have all of the Genki items you need for each chapter.

Good luck in your class!


Have you tried anki to add the extra kanji there? It would be super quick. I wouldn’t think of it as a draw back. It’s good to get different exposure from different sources. You are learning more than if they were to cover the exact same things.

Genki uses furigana through out so it’s also fine to just let the kanji wash over you and learn it over many readings. most from Genki will show up in WK sooner than later.


I would recommend trying Anki instead. WaniKani is unfortunately quite inflexible when it comes to compatibility with other resources.


Lots of good advice here! Since you have lifetime and don’t have to worry about your sub running out, there’s also the possibility of taking a break from Wanikani for a bit if you’d rather focus on the class for now. Especially if your concern is information overload / burnout.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about WaniKani lining up exactly with Genki. Wanikani still prioritizes beginner kanji towards the beginning for the most part, so depending on the pace of your course and the pace you level up in WK, you might find that your kanji knowledge quickly surpasses what’s taught in Genki!


as others have said these moments are built for Anki. WK is for WK. If you want WK for Genki, you wont find it here.

Game Gengo is a youtuber that teaches Japanese through video games and he is currently doing Genki videos.

App J-Crosswords has crossword puzzles that go along with Genki.

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