Script to Show Current SRS Level During Reviews?

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, wasn’t sure if I should post here or in Requesting Help, and couldn’t find a specific thread.

Unless it’s a bad idea that shouldn’t exist because it could harm SRS through undeserved hints, is there a script that will show the current level of an item during a review (specifically with a breakdown of sub-levels, so Apprentice 3 or Guru 1) so that I can know what level the item is going to move up to if I get it correct?

I found the “Show Specific SRS Level in Review” script and I think it’s great, but I still would like to see the level of the item before I have to answer both the meaning and reading.

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This is what you need. Shows both SRS level and item level


That is definitely a risk, and personally I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll likely start answering based on some kind of recency bias, even if subconsciously. Especially when items come back for Enlightened and Burned reviews (after 1 and 4 months respectively), by then you’ll have learned a lot of similar looking kanji. If you can see the SRS level ahead of time, you risk getting a review right even when you couldn’t actually differentiate it from a similar looking kanji.


I agree with seanblue… It has happened to me a couple of times to choose between two possible answers based on the time that had passed since I had learned them. But if you are an honest student, you will go over the item again or mark it wrong.

Even more importantly, if you need the hint to get it right in WaniKani, you definitely won’t remember it when reading. In which case, you’re just cheating yourself.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Ah thanks for the warning. I think I’ll try it out for a little while and if I feel like I’m misusing it or I come to a situation like you said where it’s an enlightened/burn review I’ll reconsider and maybe remove it. I just played with it a little too and I might see if I can fiddle with the script some myself to make it not show the information until I hover over it.

I’ll be honest, the main reason I want this is that sometimes I’ll be a teensy bit cheaty with an ignore button script, but I always feel extra bad when I ignore a wrong answer that was something like master or enlightened, since I tend to not want to cheat anything if I’m out of apprentice since it’s less likely that I’ll get another chance to learn it, and I’m perpetually afraid that once I get to the point where I’m doing burn reviews I might somehow accidentally ignore a wrong answer that leads to me burning something. This way if I get something wrong that I feel like I was “technically wrong but close enough that I don’t want to go down an SRS level, but not correct enough to deserve putting it in as a synonym,” then I can make sure I’m only doing it if it’s, say, apprentice 1-3. If I can figure out how to modify the script in the way I want, then the whole issue of it being a hint that will help me decide my answer will go away, since I have the self control to not check it before I answer. Then the issue is just me being a horribly dishonest student in the other way, which I know is bad (no need to get into that), but hopefully if anything this would help me cheat less in that way because I can be a lot stricter on myself with never ignoring an incorrect answer that’s past a certain level in SRS.

Well, in that case, the script is helping you to be stricter so I think you should try it. I don’t use the ignore button script so I’m not sure how it works, but if you are aware of what you are doing and ask yourself whether or not you deserve to advance a srs level, then you should be fine, I guess… Or time will tell! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The other thing about that’s not mentioned is that it’s a bit more stressful. I tried it for a bit and it adds pressure to know that if you get this enlightened item wrong it’s back to guru or if I get this burn review correct I’ll never see it again.

Ultimately I stopped using it.

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