Script to burn kanji and vocab?

Most of these I know 100%. I live in Japan and see kanji every day, I’m not likely to forget them. I just want to not waste time on kanji I know and move on so I can learn the upper level stuff that I’m not familiar with. Something that would invisibly answer them so they don’t show up in a review would work perfectly. I’m not going to use it for things that I don’t know easily so it’s not like I’m cheating, I’m just trying to not waste hours of my time. I personally don’t think “potential for abuse” is any reason for it not to exist? If someone uses it wrong and fucks themselves over sounds like their own problem to me? Why should people who know things be penalized because someone will always be stupid enough to use something incorrectly?


Ok, well since you’re too smart for this site, you can find a different method.
Feel free to ride your high horse out of town. :horse::wave::arrow_right:

Yes, and yes. Hence not doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus there’s the problem mentioned by @DaisukeJigen. I did come across a few words on my way to 60 that I thought I knew, but I thought wrong.
Worse, I was usually close, (one sound slightly different e.g. け instead of か, or じゅ instead of じゅう) and I would probably have told myself “oh oops” indeed. There’s something useful in the merciless judgement of the Crabigator.

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There’s no reason to be rude about it? I’m not saying the site isn’t a good set up or that it’s not good for people who don’t know kanji at all. I’m saying I want to learn kanji this way I just don’t need to relearn things I already know and don’t want to waste my time on them. I’m asking if something like this exists, if your answer is no you could just say “no” instead of being preachy about it.


Someone still has to build the script, and that person could feel guilty about the high potential of it being abused. Plus it would be a pain to build a script like this. You could build it yourself of course, but that would also require a large time commitment if you don’t know how to code at all.

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Well, it enables them to fuck themselves up, as you say. People can do whatever they want, but I’m definitely not going to help them.


I don’t see why anyone who made something would feel guilty if people make dumb choices with it, but again that’s not really my question. I’m not asking if it should exist, I’m asking if someone has made it for themselves or for others, because I don’t know how to code and if it exists and they are willing to share it would be helpful to me. I don’t really care why people think it shouldn’t exist.

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For the same reason that people feel guilty for enabling bad habits in general. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, it doesn’t exist and it’s unlikely anyone will create it.

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The answer is that it definitely doesn’t exist already, or at least hasn’t been shared if anybody has made it. It’s possible that your posting this topic would prompt somebody to share such a script if they haven’t already, but I’d guess anyone who had already decided not to share wouldn’t suddenly change their mind.

You might be able to persuade somebody to make it, but I’d guess your chances are slim. Just want you to have full information if that’s going to influence your decision over whether to continue with the service or not.


Yes my reason for posting was to see if someone would share. Until it was hijacked. I can’t imagine it doesn’t exist at all, but I would certainly think they wouldn’t share it publically here considering the attitude towards it. So to everyone who posted here so far, thanks I guess, but you aren’t really being helpful and you aren’t who I am trying to get input from with this.

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Would you rather get no responses if such a script didn’t exist?

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Of course?

How would this even work anyway. You sign up for WK, wait 4 months and the script has been working to level you up in the background the whole time? You can’t skip the time between reviews no matter how you automate the process.

No… I’m asking to be able to put in things I know 100%. Not everything. It would just make my reviews be only things I actually need to learn or that I’m not 100% familiar with. I don’t care about the time between reviews, I just want to only review things I don’t know perfectly. Yes for now it would probably be like ten kanji and vocab and the radical names since those are obviously exclusive to wanikani, but I want to only review those ten things and not the other things I do know.

That still doesn’t really clear up what the process would actually be like… like, in the actual review sessions, what the process of using it would be.

But I suppose you’re not proposing that end of it.

I don’t know anything about programming, I’m just asking if anything exists. Someone mentioned making it invisible via auto answer or some such, that’s fine. Or some other method as well. Anything that means I wouldn’t have to put any time or effort into the things chosen and could focus on learning new ones.

I don’t see that it would be worse than the ignore script, at least you know exactly what you are not learning.

This script could also hide the stuff people don’t want on their work screens :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t be terribly hard to implement. Add a button to review screen, which adds the question into a JSON object, stored in localstorage. Then every new question, check if said question exists in the object and either input correct answer, or just mark correct like override script does, and move on.
I’m not making it for you though.


We have a thread, where we can ask the users with programming skills if they would like to make certain extensions. You can find it here:

I’m not good enough at web developing atm to do something about it personally, but can see the use of such a script.

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I would not want this exact feature but I’m also interested in optimizing my time spent on WaniKani so that I can spend the remaining time elsewhere since my study time is unfortunately limited.

What I do is: I use the Anki mode script ([Userscript] Wanikani Anki Mode [active support]) which significantly speeds up my reviews and lets me choose which content I want to focus on and which items I just always mark as correct (while still seeing them and being at least a little exposed to them).

My current approach is:

  • If I get a radical wrong because I confuse it with a kanji that looks the same but has a different meaning attached, I usually mark my answer as correct.
  • I’m 100% strict on kanji meanings; if I get the meaning wrong, I mark it as failed even if that means leveling up slower. This is where I draw the line for myself.
  • I don’t care about the kanji readings; I will still try to answer them but if I get it wrong, I just move on anyway
  • For vocabulary, as long I can recognize all the kanji, I mark it as correct, even if I get the meaning or reading wrong. I think it is unnecessarily hard to learn vocabulary out of context and new words stick much better for me when I encountered them here in WaniKani and then later somewhere else “in the wild”. I don’t want to waste my time on words that I never come across elsewhere. The time will come when I remember them but it is not now and I don’t want these words to pile up as apprentice items. I do however never burn a vocabulary item that I don’t know so that it will keep coming back up again and again until I remember it, just less often.

This is not exactly what you were asking for since it is not an “auto burn” but for me it is a good compromise between making progress by being exposed to new items and not spending too much time on items that just won’t stick (or in your case: that you know already). I would not want to skip all the vocabulary because I still think it is very valuable to be exposed to these words after learning the kanji but I don’t want to spend a ton of time on it.

I might also have written a script that auto completes the quiz after lessons but since that might not be a great idea, I never shared it here… (but I would if someone wants it and is aware of the potential downsides)

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