Has anyone made a "mistake analysis" plugin?

I’m sure looking at anyone’s leech list, it tell many stories,

Maybe you constantly miss those two kanjis because you haven’t really learned the little difference between them?
Maybe the meaning of those different kanjis is confusing you and adding a less ambiguous synonym could help?
Maybe your problem with this kanji is that it’s short enough to type semi automatically, but tricky enough that you misspell it even tho you know the answer?

I would love an addon that take your leech list and figures out why you are failing them, because sometimes the reason isn’t obvious.


I’d love to analyse the leeches from everyone, over time, to see whether some Kanji are less sticky than others, and find opportunities where Koichi and pals could improve things!

Of course, Koichi and co may already be doing this :smiley:


Sounds like a job for some kind of Google neural network.


Not necessarily, the wanikani database already has referenced which kanjis are visually simmilar, which have the same pronounciation and which have the same meaning.

It could cross reference those and ping you “Hey you do know those two kanjis you keep failing are very simmilar right? Might want to double check if you can differenciate them.”

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Even identifying which kanji have a tendency to get higher fail rates or are more likely to drop from enlightened would give you enough info to A/B test whether the issue is lookalikes, mnemonics, etc.

I’d assume that Koichi and co had tested (or analysed) retention/progression rates after they changed timings from 15mins to 1hr intervals, for example, and from 3 day to 2 day SRS for apprentice → guru.

…and if not, sing out? I love doing this kind of thing.

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if you mix up items a second time, it could display an info window of items up to 2 lvl below that have a similar reading, meaning or look similar.

“is there a kanji among your recently learned items that confuses you?”

then it’d let you select the one and submits the report to tofugu. i’m pretty sure they’d be interested in seeing that.