Script Error with hinekidori's Complete 10k Anki list

The set was originally written with the use of a Java plugin that is no longer supported by Anki 2.1. I use this script and 10k frequency deck that someone more recently wrote based on hinekidori’s anki deck. I copied this script into another deck and added a 10k katakana deck to it. Here are some screenshots of what I made with it. This script is for the most part stable in Anki 2.1 with the exception of HTML error when viewing the first card in the set.

If you are just looking to have a companion recall flash card deck for your WK studies is suggest you check out KaniWani.

If you want hinekidori’s latest and greatest head over to kitsun where he has a 10k deck made for a site that functions similar to WaniKani.

Also here is the Ultimate Additional Resource Guide

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