Script Error with hinekidori's Complete 10k Anki list


Been using the aforementioned pack on Anki for a while now, but suddenly finding that all the Vocab Recall cards show the following error:

Invalid HTML on card: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘addEventListener’ of null

Not a programmer myself and the original topic is archived, so thowing it out to anyone who might be able to help? The collection and associated code is immensely helpful to me and I don’t want to have to bin it just because Anki was updated or whatever.

The set was originally written with the use of a Java plugin that is no longer supported by Anki 2.1. I use this script and 10k frequency deck that someone more recently wrote based on hinekidori’s anki deck. I copied this script into another deck and added a 10k katakana deck to it. Here are some screenshots of what I made with it. This script is for the most part stable in Anki 2.1 with the exception of HTML error when viewing the first card in the set.

If you are just looking to have a companion recall flash card deck for your WK studies is suggest you check out KaniWani.

If you want hinekidori’s latest and greatest head over to kitsun where he has a 10k deck made for a site that functions similar to WaniKani.

Also here is the Ultimate Additional Resource Guide

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Thanks dude, that’s extremely helpful!

Also if you are thinking about messing with Anki and with the sets I linked you to, I actually overhauled them today. I deleted all the javascript and don’t have any of those annoying HTML errors now. I set it up to be strict recognition and recall cards.

No built in IME stuff, no spelling, no sound recognition cards. After using it for a few weeks it was just too much stuff. I had to trim the fat on my vocab. Here’s what I got now. Short and sweet. Also I am stealing the mnemonics off WaniKani as I study the cards. haha Looks like I’ll have them memorized by the time the word pops up in my lessons!

Yeah, customisation is definitely key! One of the main reasons I don’t actually use the WK site itself is that as an intermediate/advanced learner it’s too painful to have to go through all the time controls (as much as I appreciate the merit for anyone learning from scratch).

From my side it’s the audio recognition that I specifically need to work on, so my plan is to separate out the sentence comprehension cards from the rest of the deck, and activate them as I encounter the vocab ‘in the wild’ so to speak. Got some time over the weekend to investigate properly and make a firm decision on how best to structure everything

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Sorry, a little bit confused again - am I right in thinking that the crihak script needs to be manually merged with the Core10k/Core10k Kana csvs? And is there a quick guide I could read to find out how to do this exactly? In either case, where do I get the sound files?

Also, is it going to be a problem if JS Booster won’t install for me? It seems like it’s not compatible with the latest version of Anki, but I’m guessing that could be because its functionality has now been incorporated into the base program?

The kitsun site looks promising, but the idea of having to start all over again from ‘一つ’ gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies, if you know what I mean. Beginning to think I should just ditch the whole Core10k and make my own deck to learn vocab as it comes up, but then again it seems so stupidly inefficient to have to do that.

I have to say I’m surprised, though - it seems like a lot of people use the Core10k and it must have been broken for a good few months now after the Anki update. Is it not a big problem for everyone?

Alright, so… a lot going on here.

What I did: Tossed all the java scripts because of the incompatibility. What I ended with was a recognition and recall card for each note ONLY. I did this for Core10k, Kana2k. The Katakana10k has only recognition and I add audio to dificult words only using Forvo manually as I study. Here is an example recall card. After study for a bit it was just way to much content and I needed to streamline my learning as much as possible. I may even ditch the recall words at some point.

I’m sticking to WaniKani and KaniWani (set to Gurued words only because of massive amount of reviews I was doing) for spelling practice strictly.

All the audio only cards were deleted and the scripts for spelling input were removed. Example sentences were removed from all cards except the Kana because I never read them. I use the Notes section and steal the mnemonics from WaniKani as I study. The audio recognition is on card turn over and seemed to satisfy my needs without adding an extra card to study.

I didn’t like the Kitsun layout and I also wanted to create my own time durations that showed me cards less often. This is because of massive amount of reviews and also research I found on optimal intervals (which were wider durations).

tl:dr - If you give me your email I can send you my scripts copy and pasted into word documents for each of the three categories. All cards are working with no script errors. I can also screenshot my interval settings.

If you are worried about starting over from scratch you can just set your new card limit to 30 or something for your first session to get you caught up. That’s what I did.

Thank you, that would hugely cut down on the amount of work I have to do to fix my decks. Address is

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