Screenshot of your scripts

Was just wondering what scripts all you beautiful people use. Might be a good opportunity for people to discover and discuss productive and fun scripts! I’ll be more than happy to provide descriptions/links for scripts if there is interest.

I’ll start with mine.


What is the “You should already know this reading” script? Can’t seem to find reference to it anywhere in the forums.

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Description says: Inject mnemonics from other items into your lessons.

I dont think this one works though, haven’t seen it in action and just kinda forgot that it even existed. Script by Mempo.

Woahhh, holy fuzzballs, thats a lot more than I expected. Imma just mark this as the solution for this thread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . Now I have like 50+ tabs open looking through which I want. Welp, here goes my night.