Sad Lesson Crabigator 😔

what script might that be? that sounds really useful!

The instructions are pretty easy, but the orange box is the number of lessons you want before your quiz (I do 5 at a time), and then the blue, pink, and purple batches correspond to the number of radical, kanji, and vocab lessons you want included in the batch.


Thanks for this ^^ Took me a minute to get it working but I think it’ll be very nice to able to divvy up my lessons so I can do a little of everything every day.

Knocked out my increased 15 today that I’ll be trying to stick to for a while!

I can only cope with 5 lessons a day. 10 lessons if I really want to study hard.


I’d say that’s very healthy, like they say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Keep your motivation and make sure to always make slow, incremental updates. A turtle eventually wins the race, a hare might win on a shorter distance :stuck_out_tongue:


Go at your own pace there is no need to rush. You can reach the goal like that