Buried in lessons


Well, this is the last time i’m saying “i don’t wanna do lessons today, i’ll do them later”
I feel regret, depression, anger,fear, and a whole lot more of emotions. For this reason i’m doing this post, any recomendation on how to proceed? or at least a few words of encouragment (I’m expecting the “That’s nothing, i can do those in 30 mins” comment, but hey, for me, this is gonna take a while.


That’s nothing, I can do those in 30 mins.

Aaaand I’m lying. No I can’t. No one does. The trick here is to spread the vocab lessons throughout the level. Find a number of lessons/day that you can handle efficiently. That’s the key to dominate the whole WK game. Every single day you must do x lessons and y reviews that fit your daily routine.


Just start. 5-10-15. Number of new lessons doesn’t matter. Once you’re underway it feels much better. Overthinking causes paralysis.


Whoops. Ignore all the stuff I said before. I thought those were reviews…What Jprs said. Spread them out over a few days. Maybe do like 20 or 30 a day until you have cleared it down. Good luck!


I generally do between 10-20 lessons a day depending on:

  1. How many Apprentice items i have. I try not to go over 100 if I can avoid it.

  2. The content of the lessons as I do them. If it’s mostly vocab, I’ll do more, if it’s mostly kanji, then less.

I’ll occasionally do more lessons, but only if its all vocab, and my apprentice items are really low.


There’s a “no burnout” user script that prevents you from doing too many lessons at once. You could give it a try.

Edit: There it is. See comment below.

Edit2: I feel my point isn’t super clear.
What I meant was that the script will reduce your lesson pile to something manageable. Once you are done with that, more lessons from the original pile will become available and so on until you are done.
It will slow down your progress if you set it too low, though. It’s up to you to know what feels comfortable.


I can’t link to the script because I’m on mobile, but it’s called Lesson Cap. I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s really helpful in managing my lessons without me feeling overwhelmed.

(The version called “anti burnout” is less good, according to the anti burnout script writer)


The 150 lessons you do at once will be the 150 reviews at once, so better spread them out as the others said. Having the lessons there seems like WK is pressuring you, but you can adjust the pace you want to proceed yourself.

On the other hand, why feel depressed or angry? If you aren’t in a hurry you can see them as new resources for a language you want to learn, until you finally reach the all-important baseball vocab. Yay, new words!


Maybe it will feel more manageable if you pick the same number of lessons to do each day. I use this script to make it easier. I personally do 12 lessons a day, but you should find a number that works for you.


Oh, I didn’t know about this script! Thanks for sharing this.

Probably unrelated but I would also like to add that I try to keep my apprentice item down to a manageable level before I start on new lessons.

I’m sorry that you are going through a whole roller coaster of emotions but we have to prepare ourselves for the fact that as we progress, our WaniKani study time may take more than 30 minutes. Buuuut, the good thing is that we can study at our own pace, right?

Here’s a cute gif for you!:sparkles:


Main differences is that level cap uses less bandwidth both for you and WK, and it stops you mid lessons when you reach the cap, if anyone was wondering.


Just chip away at them. I like to do all 80 something lessons at once, and that means that, on occasion, I get stacked with something like 200-500 reviews on some days. A way I sometimes approach them is to use the “wrap-up” feature over and over again. That’ll give you 10 to do before it asks if you want to keep doing them. It can be a big help in chipping away at a large pile. Spreading your lessons out is something others have recommended, and if you’d rather have consistent reviews than big waves, that’s probably the better option. Don’t lose hope though! You’ve definitely got those reviews in you! 頑張ってね!


The level cap script is really interesting. I disabled it after a week because I saw that I was always perfectly on track for doing the number of lessons recommended by the script (yay!). But it was nice to verify using some calculations.


Lessons remaining doesn’t matter in the slightest, I don’t care if I have 0 or 8000 lessons, just do what you can when you can and pay no mind to that number.

Also, you always get (depending on your selected ordering) inundated with new lessons when you level up, as there’s a bunch of left over vocab it didn’t unlock till you levelled up, so don’t feel like you did anything “wrong”



I just finished level 6 earlier today. Now I’m feeling your pain as my level 7 lessons get piled on. …gotta take the 長 view here (you’ll know that one very soon) - - knock out 5, 10, 20 each day, whatever is consistent and steady. It’s all about long term average speed and keeping constant forward momentum. I’ve been feeling that same emotional rollercoaster over the last few levels; I’m trying to keep things more even keeled and balanced.


…or just procrastinate here on the forums


Depression is not an emotion.


Forgot to add, I currently have 83 lessons, no biggie, 0 reviews so だいじょうぶだよ。

just hit 200 reviews as well so that’s even better.


Don’t worry. You’re in a much better place than me :wink:


Seriously though, the lesson count is artificial, so I wouldn’t worry about it (I sure don’t). In reality, there are way more vocabulary words that could be learned, related to the kanji in each level – the lesson count only reflects the particular vocabulary words that WaniKani has chosen for each level. The “real” remaining lesson count is always much larger than what WaniKani teaches.


That’s nothing, i can do those in 29 mins