Browser slows down

When I’m doing my reviews, when I’m reaching the 40-50th review or so, my browser starts to slow down dramatically, you can see the ‘animation’ of the new words that popup are suddenly slow.

CPU and RAM wise it doesnt seem that weird on task manager, (I have 16gb DDR4 and i5-6600k).

After closing the browser(chrome) entirely and killing the process and restarting it the browser starts working properly again.

Doesn’t happen to me on other sites, and it seems to be a re-occurring occurrence on WK.

Any solutions?

Forgot to mention, I’m using the scripts:
WK Dashboard progress plus
WK Open FW
WK Real Numbers
WK Ultimate timeline
WK Override

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No idea, but I think you can disable Real Numbers now.


Yup, WK has it as a default feature now @Koltek :slight_smile:

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I’ll disable it and see if it changes anything when new review come up.

@seanblue @jprspereira

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If it does come back it might be helpful to know more about your setup. You could open chrome://version/ in your browser to copy & paste the Google Chrome, Revision, OS and JavaScript sections here.
You could also disable all scripts / extensions and see if it still slows down.

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