Reviews became slower?

Hello Wanikani community!

Is it just me or has the rhythm of reviews got a lot slower recently? I literally have just a few reviews per day now and need to wait until the next day for another dozen. No lessons available either in the meantime. Level 1 and 2 were a lot faster, so I was wondering if it had something to do with me and how I passed the vocabulary from this level?



The first two levels are ‘fast’, you’re now entering the normal flow. Don’t worry about lack of reviews, enjoy the serenity. If you scroll through the forum you’ll see many people complaining about how many they have and how fast they come.


They purposefully make level 1 and 2 twice as fast as other levels, as the workload of previous levels does not exist yet, so this is as expected. Don’t worry, the workload will steadily become unmanageable :relaxed:


Oh thanks for the explanation! :blush: Makes sense!

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