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So, I’ve been on WK for a few weeks now, and about to finish the free version - loving it so far.
I’ve been considering subscribing (after checking all other applications for kanji studies), but there’s something that bugs me - I’ve seen several threads regarding the issue, but didn’t see a clear answer from the creator of WK @koichi (or perhaps I’ve missed it, in which case I apologize for the spam):
When reviewing kanji readings (which are most of the times the ON readings), and entering the KUN reading - you get prompted to enter the ON reading. But it doesn’t work the other way around - if I review a vocab word (with KUN reading) and enter the ON reading, I get a “wrong answer” screen right away. This is really frustrating, especially as you progress and have many words in your head to search, and you can’t advance towards burning kanjis.
Is there an update to the API that will target this issue (I do consider it an issue), or is it a lost cause?
Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

There are pink kanji items and there are purple vocab items.

Pink kanji items can have many possible readings, because it’s the general concept of that kanji. They choose one of those possible readings to teach you in the lessons, so as to not overwhelm you. It can be an onyomi reading or a kunyomi reading, but they do teach more onyomi readings in the lesson than kunyomi. The other readings are valid, though, and so if you answer with them, the screen shakes and asks for the one from the lesson. This ensures you won’t advance a kanji item by repeatedly giving an obscure answer.

Purple vocab items are words. They usually only have one possible reading, because it’s no longer the kanji in a vacuum, it’s a word you might see in a sentence. If that reading is a kunyomi and you give an onyomi answer, that’s just a wrong answer, because it’s not a valid reading for that word. The other way around is possible too. It could be an onyomi reading and if you give kunyomi that is wrong.

That’s the way the system works, but if you still have questions, ask away.


It isn’t an issue - kanji (in pink) can have multiple readings, vocab (in purple) cannot (most of the time, there are exceptions).

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