Review Hell Is Done!

I wasn’t able to use WaniKani for months. Fortunately, I came back!.. to see 700+ reviews. Was little intimidating not gonna lie, but well, I officially put an end to that today, by chipping it little by little. Now I’m trying to catch the aftershock as it comes by so it doesn’t pile up yet again, but when I feel the coast is clear, I’ll turn back to lessons, I hope.

Just wanted to share this, nothing else, thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve just finished my review hell as well today… and now I’m not sure if I dare diving into the lessons just yet until things start to stick again. Good luck! :+1:

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I feel like it’s best to wait a day or two, not sure if I’ll be to hold myself back though… Dunno I might just go for it, I REALLY miss doing lessons :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, congrats!


Start small. Really small, like five lessons.

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