Review forecast is overwhelming

hey, where do I get to see Wanikani stats like accuracy and average level-up time?

You go to: wkstats
then you link your API Token (under your options menu).

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Thank you, it worked!

guess I’m, a bit slow with my 8 days anyways… but I think I will slow down with the lessons since I often have +150 Apprentice Items and I heard the recommendation is to stay under 100.

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There is no correct “recommendation”. It’s how much you feel comfortable with. How many hours are you willing to give per day etc. If you want to speed run it , you will absolutely have more then a 100 apprentice quite often. But if you’re willing to put in the hours it’s totally fine.

8 days per level is very fast, not "a bit " slow : P Most people would probably consider 14 days per level still quite fast, to give you an idea.

Now keep in mind, that the amount of reviews you will have will increase by *a lot" compared to your current level.


8days per level is not at all slow, it’s almost full speed. At this pace you’re learning over 4 kanji/day, 30/week.

Since you’re using wkstats have a look at the wkstats reading charts

I find this chart a lot more interesting than focusing on WK levels, because in practice you get huge returns early on but much smaller ones later. By the time you hit level 20 (which at your pace should take less than 4 months) you can expect to recognize about 75% of kanjis in the real world.

I’m at level 30 and at this point when playing games I find myself more often limited by grammar and vocab knowledge than pure kanji, and since the unknown kanjis are a small minority they also “stand out” more and I’m more likely to remember them if they come back often. At this point you can also see from the chart above that the practical returns from every WK level get really slim, around 1% point.

I still have a long way to go but I recommend focusing on intermediary goals and not just aiming straight for 60, you can do a whole lot long before that.


Hello! I am just returning to Wanikani after a long break while I was trying to finish up my bachelor’s degree. Now that I have graduated and have more time to study kanji, I’ve returned to a lot of great changes! But also, I’m looking at my own forecast and all the accumulated reviews that have been waiting for me and, yes, it can get very overwhelming!

Just take things one day at a time. :blush: We can do this!

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thank you very much, I will definitely check this out!
I am currently using WaniKani, KameSame and Genki I.

Do you have any beginner game recommendation like Visual Novels? or should I wait a bit more for that?
Someone said before level 10 it makes no sense to start reading stuff but I don’t know if that’s really true.

I’m mostly playing games and painstakingly decoding NEWS WEB EASY

There’s Satori Reader if you want some curated, graded content, but I don’t have a lot of experience with it.

Whether you should wait or not is up to you, at this point you’ll probably struggle to parse every single sentence of whatever you’ll try to read, but personally I kinda like it, makes it easier to gauge your progress later.

Try to read something, fail miserably, then try again in two months and still fail miserably but manage to understand a lot more (kanji, vocab, grammatical constructions etc…).

It feels good when what was once an opaque wall of alien runes becomes transparent after hundreds and hundreds of hours of work…

But maybe I’m a bit masochistic with this stuff.


It’s very dependent on your own tolerance. I personally started reading manga at lvl 24. And I’m still getting an absolute barrage of kanji that I don’t know, almost all of them are lvl 27-35 which is a good sign I guess.
But nothing bad will happen from simply… Trying. Try to read something and see how it goes. Eventually the only way to move forward, is to feed your brain with so much reading it can’t help but get good at it : P


I’m at similar spot. I started to read at level 12, created a habit and maintained though all levels until now. Reading is becoming much more interesting and I can attest, so far the lack of words knowledge is the thing that limits me the most.

I still have a long way to go but I recommend focusing on intermediary goals and not just aiming straight for 60, you can do a whole lot long before that.

I can say that when I first start learning back in 2015/2016 that was my mistake. I reached level 50 then 60 but I could barely read anything. Made me super frustrated and eventually due to life I had to stop studying. This time around I’m immersing much earlier and actually paying more attention to it than just racing to level 60 without any grammar and native material exposure.


I noticed the same thing, the overwhelming majority of the unknown kanji I encounter in games and manga are below level 40, and almost never above 50.

For this reason I intend to slow down soon and spend less time in WK and more time just reading and working on other aspects of the language.


I figured I’d pop in here and drop some resource links. If you use , you will find a list of anime, Visual novel, ect by difficulty. The easiest VN seems to be not a Kanji problem, as much as its my lack of knowledge in dozens of synonym vocab with specific nuances. And some grammar points. I use the list from JPDB linked above and import a lot of kana only vocab into Kame Same for study…

A lot of the kanji needed seems to be up to around 20-ish I have discovered. Some random ones here and there as high as 50.

And I found has tons of free VN’s posted all the time by users which is very very cool, but I definitely don’t have the ability to read them yet. Some are voice acted, some aren’t.

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