Review count is less that what it should be

Hi all! First off, apologies if this is a known issue.

I’ve seen that a lot of people are having reviews pop back into their queue after they have completed them, but I’m actually having the opposite problem. The review counter is actually telling me that I’ve completed more reviews than I have.

For example, I started at 766 reviews (just got back into studying after a hiatus). I completed 6 reviews, which should have brought my number down to 760. But when I jump to the reviews summary, it shows 757. Before that, I had 780 and did 10, but wound up with 766 reviews left. This seems to happen pretty consistently, and the number displayed on the review page makes it seem like I completed 1~5 reviews more than I actually did for that session.

There has been some recent glitches. How long ago did this happen? Hours or minutes?

I first noticed it about 3 hours ago, but it has happened as recently as 10 minutes ago.

I have also just noticed that every once in a while I refresh, and the number of available reviews has grown even though I have no reviews scheduled to appear for at least a few hours.

I’ll ping @viet. It will help him out if you can get him specific examples.

Thanks. We are looking into it now.

Sure. If it helps, I just tried again. Here are the results based on what is reported on my review summary page:

Started with: 764 reviews, 36 incorrect, 97 correct
Reviewed: 10 reviews, 2 incorrect, 8 correct
Ended with: 752 reviews, 38 incorrect, 104 correct

We’re still digging into it and have an idea on what’s going on with the counts, but we won’t be able to get any fixes up until tomorrow. It’s related to some local-to-you caching that interacts with some local-to-us caching, and sometimes they get out of sync. The fix we’re working on should make the numbers line up.

We did look into the logs and all your reviews — rest assured they’re all coming through and are getting saved.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got a fix up on production. Thanks for the patience!

My review count is not updated… both on the dashboard (@Mempo’s Real Number) and on @rfindley’s Lesson/Review Count in Forums.

But in the Ultimate Timeline, and also when I start doing reviews, the count gets updated.

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For reference in troubleshooting, the Lesson/Review Count in Forums script uses the Study Queue API query. Timeline uses the items list queries (rad/kan/voc), plus the info already on the dashboard.

Sorry for the ruckus, but it is actually all third parties (the Real Number… I forgot to mention it.)

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