Reverse Wanikani?

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After a couple of years of essentially banging my head against the wall in books and duolingo, always reverting back to hiragana for reading, two months of Wanikani has really helped me grasp and attack how to look at Kanji and drive memorization. I’ve got most of my grammar down from my other sources, and wanikani has done a good job of helping me do the Japanese → English mapping, I was wondering if you all had any suggested resources for the reverse. I’d rather not maintain a Quizlet for each level to test me on how to say “Honest” in Japanese. I know that if I see 正直, I know how to read it, but somehow, my brain isn’t quite always making the reverse mapping.
Also, any kanji writing apps/sites that work well? Right now, I’m doing the same quizlet + paper/whiteboard to actually help my writing, but it’s easy to get lazy in checking my answers.

Thanks! Love the community, and the tool :slight_smile:

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There are some sites which let you automatically do the reverse of wanikani, one being kaniwani and the other popular one which I can’t recall (though it’s certainly linked in the big tools/addons/websites thread).

kamesame is the other one. you can find both here on the forums.

KameSame - a fast, feature-rich Japanese memorization webapp
Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!


And has all the Kanji from each level grouped together, so you can print them off for writing practice :blush:


Kamesame is what you seek. It shows you the meaning, and you have to provide the kanji. This helps you learn on two levels: you must recall the reading (to type the answer in kana) and you must recognize the kanji when you see it.

I set it to only give me wanikani items that I have “burned”. I found that having it give me current wanikani items may interfere with wanikani learning, since I wasn’t giving myself enough time to possibly forget items (which is the entire basis of the wanikani system).

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