Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content

Good point! I’ll gather up the titles and throw em on my list.

Edit: Oh look someone made it easy: Master List of Book Clubs


The one here in Sydney does. Actually, there’s even a section in the Japanese department specifically filled with Japanese books for people learning Japanese. And another one with JLPT reference materials and study guides.


Agreed, and I also don’t know where :grin: the manga tracking site too. Given that the book club section will eventually shrink, perhaps they could go in there as a sort of community thing?

@tombo sounds like you’ll be able to find some graded readers if it’s similar to the one in Sydney, but if not, you could also try looking for graded books for Japanese kids; similar to the naze doushite one.

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Funny story: when I went to buy this for the book club, they had the first-year volume and the third-year volume, but not the second-year. I had to order it special.

Though, these books were located in the “Hobbies” section of Japanese department, for some reason. Not completely sure what “Hobbies” means in this context, to be honest.


Let me look into why the topics in the API subforum are still closing. If we can get that straightened out, I’ll ask the other admins about giving the Reading section the same rule.


Any word on this? Perhaps it’s time for someone on the staff to ask on in the Support section.

I found two threads in the API section that demonstrate the issue.

Says it will close: Interest in a Userscript for separate drilling of kanji onyomi and kunyomi?

Doesn’t say it will close: [Userscript] Burn Reviews (ver 2.2.5)

Looking at a few more examples, it looks like threads that were ported over from the old forums as set to never close, while threads created since then are still set to close.

Are the settings even set correctly for new topics? See image below. I have a feeling you guys ran a one time update on old/existing threads, but never updated that setting. No way for me to know for sure though.


@viet Can you double check the above setting when you get a chance?

We dove in and looked around. The settings for the API thread got messed up at some point, but we’ve fixed them and cleaned up the old threads — no open topics or new topics should get the timer. We also opened up all those closed topics, so that’s nice.

But! We aren’t going to leave the reading ones open. If there’s an old topic, people can start a new discussion and reference the old one. :man_shrugging:


Aye, I just got a notification of one of those.

Except, the old topics are still packed end to end with useful information. Making people start over with nothing, and quite possibly none of the people who were there the first time, would be like… I dunno, scrapping all of WaniKani and starting over, since it’s more than a year old.


I get what you’re saying but, in practice, if no one’s posted anything in that thread for at least a year, then that conversation probably isn’t getting a lot of action. And, like @oldbonsai mentioned, all those threads/posts can still be read and linked to.

If there’s ever a good case as to why a particular thread should be reopened instead of starting a new one, @ one of us mods or shoot us an email and we’d be happy to take a look.


@oldbonsai @CyrusS I doubt most people will create a separate topic to discuss an old book or know to reach out to get an old topic reopened. Auto-closing the old topics makes the book clubs less inviting, and makes us recommending previously selected books pointless.


Given that there are only 2 threads in the Reading section that are currently locked (both of which I’ve gone and unlocked), I think the auto-close timer may not be as restrictive as it seems.

I guess we’ll see in time. Some of the 魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service) chapter threads are set to close soon, whereas others were commented in recently and will stay open for another whole year. I think it will create an odd mix of chapters being opened and closed. But I guess I can’t convince you at this point…


Can we add YesAsia as a source for purchasing physical books and LingQ as a web application for online reading?

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Sure! Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add them this weekend once I get back home if they haven’t already been done :ok_hand:

That may be true. Note though that some people may plan to have the chapter threads for the books they’ve read set to “Watched” forever, and ready to answer questions if someone decides to read the book later. New threads might not be as noticeable. (Or will we get a notification when someone links a watched thread?)

You’ll only get a notification if your post is the one linked to, as usual. Watched status doesn’t matter.

I know some people certainly have the threads set to watching (e.g. @QuackingShoe), and probably many more have the threads set to tracking (like me). Any of these people would likely see the new replies fairly quickly, whereas new threads will likely be missed. To me this is a very important distinction.


You are correct sir

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Awesome! Do you have any suggestions of LPs ?

Most of what I watch is by a guy called Kiyo. These ones my personal favorites:

(horror, story about a group of teenagers who get stuck in an inn in the mountains)

(comedy, a “horror” game where all the bad guys are grouchy nerds)

(comedy, parody of a yaoi romance game)

If you type 実況プレイ into YouTube, you get all kinds of options, so just sorta dig around until you find something you like. :wink: