Graded Readers in the App Store

I am trying to find these books in the app store

I tried searching for Japanese Graded Readers, White Rabbit Press, and Ari to Kirigirisu on my iPad and I don’t get any results.

What is the best beginner reading in the app store or for Kindle?


What region are you in? I just checked and they aren’t available in the UK store, but they’re available in the US

It’s not available on US app store either I just checked – maybe you can try changing your country/region to Japan and see if that works? You’ll need to re-enter payment info and all that though

To do that you:
Click Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store
Tap your Apple ID
Tap "View Apple ID"
Tap Country/Region
Tap your new country or region (i.e. Japan), then tap Next
Go through the prompts and re-enter/update payment info

But I’m also not 100% sure if it’s available on the Japan app store because I didn’t do it myself, but I guess it’s worth a shot

I am in California, hmm…

Did you try checking in iTunes instead of the App Store?

I get this when I open it on my laptop

Well that would be a way to learn quick I guess, everything will be in Japanese I imagine! Wondering if there is maybe another good beginner reading resource.

I don’t have iTuned, maybe it is only an iTunes app, it does say iPad though and I don’t think you can install iTunes on iPad.

iTunes is definitely available on iPad, I’m looking at it right now

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Oh yes it is, I searched all the same keywords, only Ari to Kirigirisu shows up, but as a song. It doesnt seem to have an option for books.

Looks like it might require this iTunes Connect setup

No. If you go through the prompts that @MissMisc gave you above it’ll just change the region of your iTunes account, and not the language on your iPhone/iPad.


I emailed White Rabbit Press about this a few weeks ago and they said that they’re updating the series, and that they will be released again at some point in the future but they didn’t give me a timeframe. You’ll just have to wait a while!

The Tofugu podcast recently recommended these as an alternative:

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Do you need it to be available in e-book form, or would you be ok with physical formats too?

I’ve been working through these:
It’s cheapest/easiest for me in the UK to buy them via, but you might have more luck getting second-hand copies in the States.

I’ve always been a bit confused by them though, because I’m pretty sure the e-graded readers available from White Rabbit Press are just e-versions of those physical books.

The KLC graded reader series is constructed really amazingly, but I personally find it much easier to make myself read a story. If you find any good e-options, let me know!

Thanks, this does work on my Kindle

I like reading stories too, but would rather have something digital. Don’t have room for physical things.

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Cool, just wanted to throw it out there in case it being an e-book was incidental :slight_smile:

Yea…I don’t see them ever re-releasing it. They won’t say why but the digital downloads were actually pulled over 3 years ago now after finding a bunch of comments in random obscure blogs indicating this.

Hi Everyone, Good news! Yesterday we launched a new version of our Japanese Graded Readers. This is our first public post about it! We completed rewrote the app, so that it now works on both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, stories are available as in-app purchases (previously, each story was a separate iPad app.)

For those of you who are new to the concept, “graded readers” are books especially written for language learners. They employ a limited set of grammar and vocabulary which allows learners to enjoy reading without struggling. Each story is handcrafted by a team of Japanese language teachers to be read without a dictionary. New vocabulary and difficult concepts are illustrated with carefully created artwork. Additionally, each story includes audio of the full-text narrated by professional Japanese voice actors.

We encourage you not to reach for a dictionary while reading Japanese Graded Readers. Try to skip words and phrases that you don’t understand and simply keep on reading. Their meanings will become apparent eventually from the context and illustrations. Finally, if the going gets tough, simply stop reading and try a different one.

Studies show learners who use graded readers improve reading speed, reading fluency, help develop and enrich already known vocabulary, and improve the ability to move from working with words to working with ideas when reading.

We do plan to add some new features—so please be kind with your ratings and feedback—but we wanted to get this “version 1” released to the public so that we can start gathering user feedback. Our top priority is to get more stories created. We’re also working on a free, sample story.

Try Japanese Graded Readers:


I love graded readers so this is purely for my own curiosity and interest in pedagogy, but I’d love to actually read some of these studies if you have any citations to give!

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I believe I picked that up here