Resetting from 60

Thanks everyone! Food for thought:

  1. Perhaps not reset all the way to level 1.

  2. Practice actually writing out kanji to better learn it. Not sure about the best way to start though… I want to try scritter at some point but don’t have a smart phone.

  3. Read books, news articles, etc… (Although I have tried this and my vocab and grammar simply isn’t there yet for the stuff I want to read)

  4. Insert word into Anki. I currently use Brainscape, an equivalent to Anki (perhaps for dummies) It kind of does the same thing as Anki but with a friendlier user interface.

I think after all of that, I will eventually reset after a few more months. The only thing that I was worried about was that the lessons and reviews would continue to take a significant amount of time.This does not seem to be the case though. Happy days :slight_smile:

Thanks again y’all

Came to say this. As I was nearing level 60, I thought about resetting, but decided against it. All that time I used to dedicate to WaniKani, I use to read now instead. Not only am I learning more new words, but I’m also getting exposed to some new grammar and sentence structures that I am not quite used to seeing. It’s tough at first and my reading speed is still extremely slow (like 4-pages-per-hour-on-a-light-novel slow), but it’s been tremendously useful for my reading comprehension.


Well, even though I am a “first time user” now at Lv52, I can relate to this since I got N2 prior to starting Wanikani to “force myself” to go beyond the ~1,000 Kanjis I knew.

Must say the first 20/25 levels were painful but from 30 on started to consolidate Kanjis and vocab a lot (especially the tricky long おう/しゅう, making less mistakes now between short/long ans confusing Japanese ppl a lot less when speaking :wink: ).

From 40 on, I started to learn actual new Kanjis in mass and that felt really nice.

My take hence would be:

  • reset to somewhere in the 30s/40s depending on the state of your memorization (as stated above, quickly check the lists on wkstats)
  • read/listen to Japanes daily (NHK news are excellent for that purpose)
  • check weblio or other similar sources to deepen your understanding of how vocab is used

I think this answers your question on whether or not redoing wanikani is a useful way to spend your time.


I’m still wondering how to make the jump to books. I feel like I am learning so slowly but maybe the pace has to be slow at the beginning… Well back to slave away over Genki…

If you’re still working on Genki and your wanikani level is accurate to your knowledge of Kanji, then I wouldn’t feel to bad about not being able to read much yet.

Once you complete Genki 2 and reach level 15-20 then it should become much easier. Consider using a graded reader like Satori Reader to help ease the transition. Either way, in the beginning it’s gonna suck :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry if you are already doing regular reading. I feel that you need to read and listen to content that is at a level appropriate for you now even if it is not what your interested in. Otherwise, you may never be able to read the content that does interest you. There is so much to learn from even very simple books that you just will not get from WaniKani.

No matter how much WaniKani you do you will have to dive into native content at a level that is comfortable, yet challenging for you or you won’t make much progress. At least that’s my opinion. There are many people here who know much more Japanese than me.

Good luck. I am rooting for you.

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Like lluminari said Graded Readers are where I’ll be starting once I hit level 10. Good post below on getting started with graded readers and other forms of text…


I have recently been reading よつばと! and I strongly recommend it. It is quite simple to read and there is a whole discussion thread from the beginners book club where people have asked and answered all sorts of questions about it. It is also very funny and interesting and the pictures themselves express a lot. I think having such interesting content to read is very motivating.

Graded readers might be a better option for some people but I would personally pick よつばと!because of how interesting it is.

Edit: FYI よつばと! is known as one of the easiest manga to read.


Thank you! I will strive to finish Genki 2 and reach 15/20 before beating myself up too much. Maybe I will buy a grade reader also!

I consider resetting would be a waste, really… Well, WK does take a lot of time. I can’t imagine myself going for another round. Besides, this is supposed to familiarize you with Kanji. After this, you are to start diving into native material right away. If you don’t remember a kanji (which will happen) you look it up and rinse and repeat until you memorize it.

On top of that, WK again sounds extreeeemely dull. No sir, I love it and I still keep at it just because it’s constantly teaching me novel kanji. But once I’m through I know what to do. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I love reading. So I’m sure I will fare fine.


It was in a similar situation.
I recommend the 日本語の森 youtube channel for grammar. They talk in a way that is very easy to follow, and they have lessons for each JLPT level. Learning Japanese grammar in Japanese just makes so much more sense to me. I think it’s a good idea to stop relying on translations when you can.
That’s how I studied grammar. After a few months I started playing some Japanese games online for practice/fun and eventually got to know some people that way. We have talked almost every day since then… the end

…except I realized it’s too easy to get stuck in the “good enough” area and stop progressing. I knew I was forgetting a lot of vocab for lack of use (since what you need for daily conversations is so basic).
That’s why I came back after 4 or 5 years and reset my level.

I think resetting is fine but I recommend you try going on a “journey” first. Try learning from other places, finding some native content you like. There’s so much you can do when you don’t have to worry about reviews every day!


Headed there now!

I just bought a graded reader, so I can let you know how it goes.


I have yotsuba! I have had been chipping away at it, bit by bit. Agreed I think mostly I just needed to be told to be a little patient…

Anyone who’s struggling to get into native content, don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal. You’ll get better at it, bit by bit. 塵も積もれば山となる。

Try to view it less as the next step in learning and more as something to augment and help your learning. Most of it will happen automatically. Human brains are good at picking up patterns. For example, when you read regularly, you’ll get better at reading and distinguishing the characters, making it easier and easier to read example sentences, follow subtitles, etc. And when you listen to Japanese regularly, you’ll get better at distinguishing the sounds and words and patterns in the language and so on.

There are quite a few resources out there that have been made more suitable for beginners. There’s Japanese Quest where someone explains and translates Japanese in games as they play them. There’s Nihongo Con Teppei For Beginners that gives you small chunks of natural Japanese on easy topics. Compared to even 10 years ago, today’s world is a Japanese learner’s paradise.

Also, don’t be too scared to pick up things above your level. If you’re genuinely interested in something, this can be an extremely powerful motivator. Yes, it’s frustrating not to understand things, but don’t worry about it and just focus on the stuff that you do understand. It’s not like you have to get everything on the first go. And things are gonna get easier. Some day you’ll put it together and you’ll get it all done. Some day when your head is much lighter.


I am currently on my second time around and would say its definitely much easier. I recall most of the material, so its easy to breeze through 65% or so. I am also focusing on digesting native content while going through WK again to help solidify kanji and vocab knowledge. I would definitely recommend you do this. Focus on a lot of native input sources, especially reading while going through wanikani, otherwise your brain will just drop the unused material again.

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With English reading, I’m a mahoosive fantasy / sci-fi geek. The language they use in these stories such as new words to describe phenomenon, magic, discoveries and scientific terminology - I don’t imagine I’ll ever be able to read that in Japanese!!! Wondering if anyone here has got to that level?

I’m not sure if someone has already mentioned it but I believe there is a user script that allows you to do a burned item test. Why not do that every week or so and reset any burned items you get wrong. It might be interesting to explore some other user scripts too which could add to your learning. I believe there’s a script which changes all the radical names to the actual Japanese names for example. Since you’ve already made it to level sixty that would probably be more useful to you than learning all those made up radical names a second time, no?


Wow, heard about the leach training script but the radical one must be fairly new. Will give it a go. Cheers!


I’m also on my second round. As others have said, it is much easier than the first go. I also read a lot of original Japanese reading material in parallel this time, that really helps.