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So… I went on a business trip. Thought I’d get some practice in so didn’t turn on vacation mode (oh no!), but turned out I didn’t get any reviews in so I racked up a ton of reviews. That created frustration and my pace slipped, which racked up more reviews. Which in turn caused things that were in the guru state to slip back and now my apprentice pile is so ridiculously large that I feel I can’t get out from under it. I tried setting myself back three levels to help, but to no avail. What I’d really like is to just set all my apprentice items back to “lesson” mode so I can start them fresh with a limited number and actually start learning again rather than hitting my head against a wall. I see no option to do that other than simply resetting back another 8-10 levels, which would make me sad.

Any alternatives?



Just take them one at a time, and eventually, you’ll do them all.


Well, I don’t know this for sure yes I do but I’m pretty sure you can’t do that. You will have to reset levels and be sad.

Of course, you could just power through and get a bunch wrong and that’s okay. OR… or… you could complain a LOT to @CyrusS, like a LOT. I hear if you complain a ton that he will do it for you. But what do I know? I’m just a genius.


You could use the reorder script to focus on the problematic levels


You could use Self Study (optionally with the Additional Filters for leech filtering) to try to drill them in.


How big is your review queue?

When I have, say, 700 reviews waiting, I try reduce that number by 100 per day. That means doing more than 100 each day because items keep coming back, but eventually I get down to 100 or 200 and I get a burst of motivation and finish them all. Then, after about 3 days of getting my reviews down to zero at least once per day, my apprentice count and daily review count will be almost nothing.

Then it’s lesson time!


I’m at about 890 reviews outstanding, with about 340 apprentice items and 270 guru that are causing me the most pain. The challenge with having that many apprentice items is that they keep coming back, but with so many I’m having difficulty re-learning them, so the total reviews doesn’t seem to go down much.


Personally I think you got this. I just don’t see bumping them back to lessons as doing you any huge favor. When I let pile up and do them in very large batches I’ll get plennnnnnty that I bomb and they slide. I remind myself that

  1. So what
  2. I guess I’ll consider this a lesson amidst my review queue

I just think you’ll end up with more total effort if you knock them back to lessons. And a big number of reviews, is just that, a big number. It won’t bite, even though first impulse is to react in horror.

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to elaborate some on what kumirei suggested, you should get the reorder script. What that will let you do is sort how your lessons come in either by type (radical, kanji, vocab) or by level.

My suggestion would be to sort by level, do the reviews for one level and then just stop until you have pushed that level up to guru, then start on the next one. If you know which particular levels are your apprentice levels, then you could still do this, and then use the sort to also do your reviews for your items that are already in guru+

hope that helps!


Yeah, resets are an all-or-nothing type of thing that’s tied to account level. I’m afraid there’s no way to only unlearn certain items, or set them back to certain states.

I’ll be happy to do your reviews for you, just don’t expect any of them to be right. Don’t want to encourage that sort of thing, after all. :wink:

The reorder scripts plus liberal use of the “Wrap Up” button might be the way to go. That, or splitting the difference between resetting and powering through the pain by going back just 2-3 levels.

Working through the review pile feels more daunting, but it’s still going to be quicker than the time it would take you to redo 8-10 levels. Don’t expect to see that daily number drop right away. I think if you tell yourself that it’s going to be a slog for 2-3 weeks and set your expectations accordingly, it won’t be quite so bad, as long as you remind yourself that you’re still saving time in the long run by spending weeks catching up instead of months.

Good luck!


I usually recommend this. Have been working on my backlog of some 2300 review this whole month


Thanks all… I think the reorder script suggestion is the one that will help move the needle for me. As long as I’m reviewing the same things from day to day I’ll pick them up again. 300+ things coming in a random order everyday was getting very frustrating.


You can do it! As long as you keep doing reviews everyday, then your Apprentice count should slowly go down. When I have a lot what I do is everyday give myself a new number that I need to have my review count at or below before I go to bed. 900 the first day, 800 the second, etc.
Now if only I took my own advice :eyes:



Started a day with less than 500 reviews for the first time in months… progress.



Started day with less than 300 reviews… almost back to sanity. This will be my longest level ever…


Yo, I just wanted to say that seeing the progress of reviews go down to 300 already is really admirable. I guess that reorder script is working. Keep at it!

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Today I started the day with 88 reviews and completed them all with a 79% review rate. I finally feel like I have caught up and am ready to start lessons again.

Time from “help I can never catch up” to a return to sanity: 59 days.

Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement!