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I have a problem where I am trying to hit 0 lessons without goin over 100 Apprentice items, but this is impossible as I keep unlocking new items and getting new lessons. Is there any way to solve this problem, or should I just suck it up and take on a lot of items? (For context, I have 37 lessons right now.)

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Why have 0 lessons?


That’s what I am wondering as well.

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I don’t know how you’re going to do this if your goal is having 0 lessons. You’re doing to end up with hundreds of reviews.

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That’s just not possible. I don’t even have 0 lessons that often and my apprentice count is regularly at 170-180. If you want it no matter what, then give up on 100 apprentice, but that will be hard on you, so if you can’t afford to do that many reviews, just realize that 0 lessons has no real benefit other than making you feel good. As long as you don’t neglect your vocabulary you will be fine.

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Easy. Reorder script. Do vocab and radicals first, the kanji last.


Yep, lessons cause reviews, and reviews cause lessons - especially reviews that reduce your Apprentice count. The conditions Lessons.count=0 and Apprentice.count<100 are mutually exclusive, at least until you reach level 60 and there are no more lessons.


Well, it is possible, just really, really difficult, but I don’t think it would be possible consistently.

I usually sit around 90-120 apprentice items without any lessons (currently at 92 right now), but when I switch levels there’s often a spike where new items are added to the queue without the old items being guru’d, which usually sorts itself out in about a day.

Maybe, if you had a perfect memory, the time to do reviews, and also the lack of a sleep schedule to hit them all exactly on time, you could constantly keep the apprentice items below 100, but nobody has all of that.

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Idiosyncracy of mine, I don’t like the idea that in neglecting the old vocab in favor of the newer items. Does the ordering system prefer older stuff at all?

You can set the review sort order to preference lower-level items first. It’s in the WaniKani app preferences section.


It’s not impossible, I usually hit this point once in each level, where I have started all the kanji for that level but not gurued any of them yet, so they are at the stage where I am waiting two more days for that, so no more vocab will be unlocked until them. In that time I review out the vocab from the last level that is still on the list, and can do the lessons that are waiting, which will only be the few vocab that started unlocked. For example level 13, 30 are already unlocked. So I should only have 30 lessons waiting in those two days. The apprentice list should be low enough that I can let them all in and still be close to 100, with 0 lessons.

Maybe the trick is that I don’t start the next level until I have the apprentice list down to about 50? When the radicals for the next level are the next lessons in the queue, I will just hold where I am if I already have too many things in the pile.


どうもありがとう, @Belthazar さん!

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