Requesting ways of improving my learning journey


As you see I’m still a beginner, I’m working on level 2 currently but before I go too far I want to understand my situation better.

I know that only WaniKani isn’t enough for the fluency, therefore I know that I will need many other different ways of learning and improving my language.

My question is: should I wait until I finish level 60 then look for other ways? or is there a certain level that when I reach I can add other ways to it?
And by ways I mean, reading manga, light novels, get engaged on Japanese Twitter, have a dictionary and a grammar study.
Is it early for me? and if so on what level should I add these ways?

Also, I need to know what is the best dictionary to have for someone isn’t that professional in the language yet, I only know about Jisho, so any recommendations for the dictionaries?
and when should I start learning the grammar and how?
I want to collect as much information as I can, so I won’t just waste my time on
an ineffective way of learning.
Reading manga and light novels and getting into Japanese Twitter is something easy for me as I did the same to learn English and look how far I have come, Twitter is really a great way of getting immersed in.

Thanks in advance.

You should start learning grammar right away, as you can’t do much in the language without it. Either literally right away or if you prefer to know some kanji first maybe by level 5. Waiting longer would be a waste in my opinion.

For dictionaries, is fine. Pretty much all J–>E dictionaries are based on the same information anyway. When you do start using Japanese only dictionaries, I personally prefer

As for when to start reading, it largely depends on how willing you are to go slowly and look things up. I started reading somewhere around level 30 if I remember correctly. The first few manga and certainly the first book were quite challenging, but that will be the case no matter what. Plenty of people start reading much earlier than I did.

Whenever you do want to try reading something, it helps to read with others so you can ask for help when you need it. There are many book clubs hosted here on the forums, including some targeting beginner and absolute beginner readers. The expectation is still that you’ve learned at least basic grammar, but once you have learned N5 grammar (and maybe some of N4) you can start reading manga with the groups. There will still be a lot you don’t understand, but that’s why we read together to begin with. You can of course try reading with the groups before you have that basic grammar knowledge, but I’m not sure it would be worthwhile.


Everything seanblue said I back up.

I would say also for beginning with grammar to go through something simple that gives you a decent overview of how things work before going through really detailed ones. Tae Kim’s Guide is good for this. It will help you build a prior-knowledge base so when you are working through detailed grammar exercises or reading something, you will at least have an idea of what to look up if you can’t understand it.

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Don’t wait for level 60. Just my opinion:

  1. For grammar, find some resource like Human Japanese that allows you to learn basic grammar (equivalent to Human Japanese I and II) very quickly. Bunpro might be terrific for practicing grammar exercises but it will not allow to you learn grammar quickly.

  2. By level 20 or sooner start reading and never stop. Try to read as much as you can.

  3. Stop watching TV shows in your own language and try to find Japanese shows and anime with subtitles.


If you’re complete beginner, I recommend Japanese From Zero

JFZ Playlist

You don’t need to buy the textbooks, the videos cover most of the books’ content.

Then the grammar series from the same person

Japanese in 5


I’m a beginner too, twitter is still too advanced in terms of grammar and vocab for me, but I can read level 1 graded readers fairly well, and reading them is teaching me some new grammar at the same time, feels very rewarding so I’d recommend them if you can find them (my university library has them). Also I think grammar is possibly even more important than vocab, so I’d start as soon as possible personally.

And for dictionary I just use jisho, I have a browser extension where I can highlight a word and search it on jisho just by right clicking and it’s very handy.


Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate all the answers.
I will start studying the grammar right away, it’s good to notify me about the importance of learning it earlier.

I think when I reach level 5 or 6 I will join the book clubs or maybe when I’m on level 4, I just need to build some foundation.

I will not read manga or books on my own until I’m on some levels after 10, but I will still try to read here and there on Twitter. not sure yet, I’m quite curious about reading stuff.

Thanks again :two_hearts:

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I just checked his channel and it seems I will start my grammar study with him, as I’m looking for someone who can also break things down for me and makes it easier to understand.
I’m thankful for your suggestion.

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You’re welcome. It’s honestly one of those things I wish I knew about when I started learning, oh well. I still watched it from beginning to end though, and not to my surprise, I still learned a lot.

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Cool! … I might be asking a lot, but what other things you wish you knew about from the beginning? of course, if there’s any other thing.

Immersion. Listening, watching, and exposing myself to as much native material as possible. Some people say listening is useless unless you’re at a certain level (of Japanese, not WK). But I don’t think that the case. You get exposed to the language, to how it sound, how it’s spoken, and the more your vocabulary increases, the more you’ll hear.


I think this is always the case with any language, I will try my best to engage as much with native people. I wish best luck to both of us. I’m grateful for your insight.

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