Regarding the vocabulary kanji 際; new vocab suggestion?

So I was looking through the pages of example sentences while doing my lessons (from the userscript) and noticed that the “side” definition didn’t come up as much as ”際に” (sai ni) which was really, really common. And the definition is different.

~ Definitions/Translations: Time, Moment of, On the occasion of, circumstances, in case of

Since both the meaning and the pronunciation are different, kiwa vs sai/sai ni, my suggestion is to create a new vocabulary item for it.

I only suggest that because it’s so common and if people come across it and are reading it as side or reading it aloud as kiwa, they’re going to be confused and mistaken. Plus it just seems helpful?

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Very good idea! O hear our prayer, holy @crabigator.

to my knowledge @koichi is head honcho in charge of new items. kis holiness is here to reward us or punish us with reviews as ke deems appropriate.

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Should I not be asking in this section then? I’m confuseded. (Yes that’s an intentional typo.)

you must be confusing me with @anon20839864

Oh is she is charge of deciding whether a new item should be added or not? I totally thought you were the one who decided that…

Maybe he’s​ just casually passing off responsibility.

more at plantron for invoking kis holiness

If you have suggestions for new words or content changes email them to so I can look at them.

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Okay. Thanks. Will do that in the future. I assume I don’t need to do that for this one, right?

Right, I got this one. :slight_smile: