Redoing the 逃 matrix in case it sticks this time

|    | intransitive る | transitive す |
| に | 逃げる          | 逃がす        |
| の | 逃れる          | 逃す          |

Man it looks clean this time. I don’t get why I keep making these mistakes. Ru = intransitive, Su = transitive. Each has a ni and a no.


I make these mistakes a lot too! :sob: seeing it in a matrix like this is helpful!

Another tip: for に vs のが, remember that if you see it has a g kana already (げ or が), then it’s に. If it’s missing that kana, you need to add it with のが!

i.e.,: g kana? yes = に, no = のが :slight_smile: Which you can remember with no


oh hey that helps a lot. I was looking for a better mnemonic for the る line. So it’s probably split them as に/のが outright

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if you play any ポケモン or どうぶつの森, you’ll encounter at least 逃げる (you run away from a battle) and 逃がす (you release a bug/fish) enough that you will probably never forget them! can’t recall ever seeing 逃す or 逃れる, but knowing it’s just not 逃げる or 逃がす means I’ll probably know to read it as のが instead of に :laughing:


lmao and here i go again immediately after typing this up putting the wrong reading for 取り逃がす :person_facepalming:t2:

SAME ACTUALLY. And I also failed 見逃す because i got mixed up with 見返す (Which I also mix up with 見送る)but because i’ve burned everything else on these kanji I don’t get exposed to them enough in other words to recall them properly. It’s a disaster.

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hey , one of them hit my reviews today and your mnemonic saved me!

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