Recovering steps

Right before the year started, I’ve been having a hard time to maintain my momentum due to personal issues, and that is why my Wanikani progress and even my review proper for the N2 test this coming July is waning dramatically. I failed N2 last December by lacking 4 points but I didn’t mind it since I didn’t really review. These past few months only working and reading books in transit is keeping me occupied; The only beauty in this world that I can see these days are in the words of Yukio Mishima, particularly in his The Sea of Fertility that I recently finished, ironically, one that is translated in English. Tokyo is really a lonely place with bright lights.

JLPT is only a few months away but I have only tackled a fourth of Kanzen Masters Vocab and Grammar, and I haven’t even touched my Reading and Listening book. But last weekend, I tried to regain my steps and I’m hoping that I’ll recover my momentum anytime soon. I still have time. I’ll try to watch more TV as a learning tool and as a white noise.

I hope everything is doing fine for everyone. Let’s claim the July exam!


Personal issues are real. Face those head on first. And find beauty where you find it.

I’m having personal issues myself, and am finding beauty in literature. And when I finally find some peace (usually by taking positive steps towards resolving my personal issues, and then finding some beauty), come back to the study. It’s here. And I’ve found, there is a certain beauty to studying.

I’ve found I can’t do my studying at home right now. Because that is where my “problems” are. So I go someplace I feel at peace, and it’s so much easier. That limits how many review sessions I can do, but it’s OK.

You aren’t alone. Keep us all posted on how you’re progressing towards the exam. You were only a little short last time, so don’t panic.


You can do it. Take it step by step, and even if it seems like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back, keep going. May you find the beauty, peace, and rest you need. You are supported, and we see you!

Best wishes to your continued study and for the JLPT!


Go go @Vendemiaire, you’re pickin up the pace,
Just keep going and don’t think that it is a race
Kanzen Masters, Vocab, Grammar put a brave face
Keep the faith and everything will fall into place.


I wish you all the best and all the positivity I can give in rhyme(12-12-12-12)!

-inspectatoro :nerd_face:





Thanks guys! It’s what I needed! :slight_smile: 頑張ろう! :blush:


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